...obeying the voices in my head...

Monday, November 20, 2006


As I trample on this unchartered earth
I have much left to see.
And if seeing is beleiving
then in nothing I still believe.

A window to the world opens before me
Yet I choose to wander away.
Groping in the darkness unconquered
searching for the light of the day.

For me its living that I seek
not work that rules that day
Finding happiness not too bleak
A world refrain from pain.

Searching for the possibilities unimagined
For a freedom unknown, unseen;
I glide and melt on my thoughts
of a world too beautiful to dream.

A cold mist passes over me,
the sins of betrayal and hatred.
As things that bound me from thee,
the world seems far from sacred.

But hope prospers in my heart
deep inside though vague
Still i pray O lord save me,
save me from this plague.

I open my eyes it seems so clear,
The truth untouched unveiled.
The purity that never rusts -
of the part that I played.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some call it college, I call it "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH"

It was one lousy chemistry lecture in school when I took sudden interest in the world outside the window. Three more months

and I am straight outta this braindead school and off I go to a "college".

It was then that the dreams poured in in front of my eyes. Havin toe touchin hair, havin a band of my own, surrounded on all

sides by supermodelish chics, drivin on my (imaginary) bike to the institution...and standing in front of the gate - I see

this is where i'm gonna be. Studyin seemed optional in a college at that time. It was soon I thought that the outside world

of the window had just jumped into me. It was a dream, a very convincing one. 'Its gonne be true' I thought ' maybe I have

power of precognition

I was smiling like a creep. The world...oh I have seen such little of it. Damn! three months still to go. What a pain.

And then it was a piece of chalk that hit me on the forehead thrown at me by my lovely teacher that made my senses drag back

to the chemistry lecture(at least for the moment!). Our teacher was creeped out as I was still smilin like a creep, so she

preffered not to ask any question. Maybe she might have read my mind. What the hell!


5 months later...


Grades!! damn! I didnt realise that I was near to hittin rock bottom. Ok they aint good, but they werent so bad either I

guess. It was at the couselling room that the monitors lit up with name codes of the colleges and the seats left in them.

Anything to get in ahmedabad was not possible...but none of the colourful code names of the college had good repute. Their

names went like one of your kamwaali bai's second cousin.E.g- Dalpatram college, Sadvidhyamandal bhavan etc.

My fate had rested on a college with a sad name too. Am too embarassed to mention it here, though its compressed form would

be called - LCIT. I booked the seat in the college. Back home people were congratulating for me gettin an admission. I looked

back at them with a deadpan zombie like expression that gave it clear to the person standin in front of me the fact that

'hapiness' might not have been the present mood.

Next day I set out to the college. Two hours drive and a deep choking sensation as I see the entrance of my college

campus."My" campus!! Of all the pleasant words that I could have chosen to say at that time, I picked a rather different word

that suited my situation - "Shit!!". And my parents heard it too. Somehow they didnt say any anything...and I imagined them

saying the same stuff in their minds.

As I enter the college, I take a deep breath of air in. I didnt wanna exhale it and wanted to just crap out my lungs over

there. Somehow I ran short of that will power. I look around for my fellow students. They were nowhere in sight...and so I

sit next to the peon of the college. Later on I came to know that the peon guy was actually a fellow student. I laughed in my

mind...it was a laugh more like the one's you have in situations such as you got a job in microsoft and later on come to know

that the job is to clean the upper rim of the flush tank in the loo. It was creepy laugh. I wanted to run away!! Fly

away...sprout wings outta my ass and take off...

I start explorin the place and enter an empty classroom. As i enter a window stares at me. 5 months have passed by...
an indication.
Chics, band, long hair, rockin classmates, the gate. I laugh again, more wierder.

Its all gone. Dreams could not have been shattered in a much more uncouth way. What was just left was to take the pill and

swallow it. This pill called REALITY. Oh how colourfull it looks on the outside, and its when you actually swallow it that

the real contents of the pill spew out into your mouth. The bitterness may jusy have been a phase. I needed sugar. Ok! am

goin too metaphorical. I'll stop on the crap.

Of all the permutation and combination of paths of realities why this??? Or maybe its not that bad. I stand confused.

I come back home. I slouch on my bed...thinkin as I always am. Home....Home....2 months ago it would be fun to leave this

place and enter a new world. Sad! everythings not what it seems...or is it 'nothings what it seems.'Yeah! thats better.

Its pathetic to ponder over it. A quicksand of depression awaits...*glug glug.....plop*

2 months later

ADAPTING. The word meant a lot to me now. As I found new people I can talk to, found some subjects interesting, the place has

a lab too n that also with a valid net connection. That aint bad I guess. Though I still sit in the class and stare out the

window waiting for a chalk to be thrown upon me. But I sit back and relax adn enjoy the dream. 'Hey that could've been me in

the dream
!' i think. It would haunt n keep haunting.

I think I leanrt something...its maybe this. As I expected a utopian bliss outta ma life anything that I would get would look

like pigeon-shit, but its when you expect crap that you get somethin better than what you expected.

Life is peachy! What the hell.
"When the going gets tough, the great ones just party!" - Garfield

Sunday, September 17, 2006

And the oscar goes to...

Today Ladies and Worms I just saw a wonderful movie, brilliantly titled - Alien Vs. Predator. So you have Drama, Action, Adventure, Sex (including a Sharon Stone leg crossing scene brilliantly executed by the alien!) and all that Jazz. So the movie's got the cute n cuddly aliens poking at the bob marley lookalikes called Predators.

The movie has inspired me like no other...and can match upto any spiritual book ever written. It has the depth of human emotions captured that makes the heart melt.

Synopsis (As the names of the characters cannot be pronounced by the foul human toungue, they have been identified by their species) :

Once upon a time there lived two best friends Alien and Predator. When they were children Predator once borrowed a red crayon from Alien. After a few days Predator instead of giving back the red crayon gave the black crayon (this is because predator guys can only see infra red,ultra violet, s ray n all that crap). At this Alien got angry and complained his equally cute n cuddly parents about it.
Since then the war began.
(NOTE : In case you are curious about the really real story of the movie neither me nor the director of the movie can help ya - neither of us know it.)

So you see the Bob Marley lookin Predators slashing the Aliens(who by the way have an unlimited supply of saliva which can solve some severe drought problems...) and the 'Maggi Noodles'(TM) comin' out of their intestines - Really helps in building an apetite. As the movie further progresses the facial expression get more deep and meaningful like a William Wordsworth sonnet.

Rating - G. Yes watch it with your family, much better than Peter pan.

And as we approach the end we see a hint of a sequel. And everybody knows, that everybody whos anybody is waiting.

Next Movie Review : The return of 'Jai santoshi maa'

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Diary of "Holy Sh**!"

I have been termed as 'Clinically ill' curently, but after reading this verse of poetry and prose, u might think "Mentally of Physically ill?"

Read it if you identify yoursel as a Sane Person!!

Jamie was in his outhouse with his laptop just when he found out that his 'My Documents' folder was filled with South American Porn. Just then a group of 10-15 kids were passing by the outhouse, when little Billy decided of a masterminded plan for eternal salvation. Billy was quoted sayin ,"Ladies and arthropods, the next word we here around us - that shall be repeated a sum total of 2476 times...because that is the path of eternal salvation."

It was with perfect timing when Jamie understood that his laptop was filled with 4 GB's of porn that he shouts - "Holy Shit!"

The kids make their way to eternal salvation...by walking on the parlington road chanting 'Holy Shit' for the next 2476 times. At that time, Father Karros is explaining her daughter about the apocalypse that was to come. With the 'Book of Apocalypse' in one hand and 'Microwave Fishes' in the other he reads on.

Daughter Emily strikes up a meaningful question - "When is the apocalypse daddy? and where will my teddy hide then!".Father Karros' eyes move towards the church window and peers outside. He sees a swarm of Children on their path to eternal salvation.

Father Karros' brows get crossed and mumbles,"So it happens now! and Teddy's not real honey". He keeps the fishes back in the microwave oven and steps outside and shouts - "Run you fools, its the children on the damned. They're here! Run
for your lives you imbecile's.Run! Run! Run!" Just when Marion Jones runs and shouts - "I am not on Drugs!!!" and fades to black.

Farmer Davide Hasslehoff aint moves a bit. He remains as calm as a cucumber on a wednesday evening with a black robe. - "Damnit! got no' taim to finish me book. By the way sonny boy how much time left for the apocalyse?" Sonny Boy playin his
fiddle merrily steps up humming to the tunes of the latest hip-hop number -"Ass something something! IT'S NOW! (ass!) something...shake that booty...something something...Run!!"

Farmer Davide Hasslehoff curses "Darn it! and me got no time to finish me book."

Jamie just then runs out on to his brazilian freinds house on Elm street with flying curses decorated by an occassional "Holy Shit" in between. The children are still on number 1487 on their path to eternal salvation.

Just when Meryl steep, the lazy security devil on the 'escalator to hell' hears this. He runs to Satan and complains - "Dude! God's on his 'Holy Shit' campaign again...this job blows dude!" Satan too busy on his orange marmalade decides to snap out of it and calls God on his cell. He licks of the marmalade from his finger when he stops suddenly and ejaculates - "Buggers left his message that he's gone for a vacation, and I am sweatin my red butt out here on this Job. I quit
man...c'mon Meryl steep lets go bowling in some other dimension."

Father Karros is still pullin his hair out and screams and buys a copy of 'The Exorcist' from a DVD rental stor. Just then a young teenager dude comes up - "Yo...ma man!" Father retaliates to this satanic speech and gets a hold of the
dude,"Dont you see(pointing at a coffee stain at the store table), its the 'apocalypse'!!!".

Young Teenage dude thinks for a while and then suddenly his face lightens up,"Dude! i saw it in this music CD shop yesterday dude. ummmm...i mean the album's by 'Demonic Incantatem' band rigth? I didnt know you were into heavy metal father
dude. Chill man...u into death metal or Acid rock?" He speaks his speech with a waving gesture of the 'Mano Cornuta'(Devils Horns). Father Karros is currently awestruck as the children on the path to eternal salvation where shouting "Salvation!Salvation!Salvation!".

Father Karros faints.

Thats when God calls on a local telephone booth,"Hello, hey Chuck I think satan left. g2g. ciao!"

And that's how the universe ended!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Click...and then there was light!

I was lying in bed. Fantascising.
What if i was a billionaire.
Where the hell would i start shoppin.
And all the things came like a rush...
And in my mind came a list, a list of things.
Its what I want that counts , isnt it?
I want an ESP flying V guitar with ear deafening amps.
I want a Digitech GNX 4 guitar processor.
I want a lambhorghini Gallardo and a porsche 911 parked at my garage.
I want a Suzuki Hayabusa.
I want long braided bronze streaked hair.
I want 10 mbps internet connection with unlimited download capacity.
I want Angelina Jolie to leave Brad pitt and come running to me.
I want James Hetfield come at my home and give me guitar classes.
I want Megadeth to perform every saturday nights in my backyard.
I want to erradicate pop music from the world by giving anti-poppy shots to children.
I want (CENSORED).
I want David Blaine comin at my home to give me Levitation lessons.
I want to shot some unwanted crappy politicians with a Magnum sniper rifle.
I want to ban Siddhu from existance.
I want to buy the Bekingham pallace and then sell it at a very high price to some other sensible people.
I want to write a book about people and ask people in bok stored to burn it.
I want a replica of the Millenium Falcon with a life size chewbacca poster.
I want to make 'Friends' seoson 11 and so on...
I want the Simpsons to be aired till the end of the universe(which is around 22 milion years i think!)
I want to be good at tennis and play a mixed doubles with Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova.
I want to go and ask Schumacker to let other player win once in a while.
I want Ahmedabad to have Rock Shows every saturday.
I want a band very badly.
I want my computer to be updated every Wednesday evenings and monday mornings to the latest top notch settings.
I want a O2 pda mini.
I want an I pod Nano.
I want Reebok air pump shoes.
I want .....

After thinking all this , the mind goes farther away from its physical prescence to calculate the possibility of having all this.
A few minutes it comes back with a wham in the face answer.

And then i think whats the problem in dreaming...i mean like that does do any harm does it.
So i dream again.
SO here am I.... with everything I want.Every single Godamn thing.
A question - "Then what?"
So I think . I think hard and then I see that there's no difference between here and there.

And so I open my eyes again...sigh.

I want ............................................NOTHING!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


What I am going to present you next is with this conversation I had with Caution!! Ramanujam...a conversation defining pure intellect, of abstract thinking and reflecting upon our mundane lives as we seek for adventure.... in everything.

Dedicated to Douglas Adams one of the great authors of all time, this conversation is purely inspired by his works!!!


caution!! ramanujam : damn im so itching to play guitar.. but everyone is sleeping

me: ahhh! thats a really sticky situation....

me: thats the good thing about electric that u can plug ur headphones into the amp n listen

caution!! ramanujam: sticky? as in gum?

me: yeah! kabhi kushi kabhi gum!

me: 2 can play at this game

caution!! ramanujam: aha i see so tis sticky sometimes.. other times its khushi?

caution!! ramanujam: is it governed by the transmodular princliples of space time?

me: i dunno exactly mayB the spasmodic shock ventilator mayb the reason

caution!! ramanujam: ahh thought so.... but how does it change exactly, some kind of beta particle disintegraator?

me: naa its the transfusion of hypoallogetic symbiostytic mesa particles

caution!! ramanujam: impropable

me: but not yet impossible.

caution!! ramanujam: swoosh... im in xena transaguada mclxii fighting with zurluks for dominance over the human race

me: damn! those zurluks i thot i disentigrated them in the planet Kornalafoonis IV after the'"7 minutes battle" on the 'sheep dog desert'...

caution!! ramanujam: aha.. they transmorgified themselves just before the blast hit them and zoomed into transaguada

me: damn! damn! damn them them to the depths of zooplon 6. i thot i knew all the tricks those scumbags had!

caution!! ramanujam: they are building the hyper fusion warp diffuser that can send u in a blast beyond the end of the universe

me: holy crapbag! i think it is time u mite use the borostatopheric shield ray(with in built car vipers!)...

caution!! ramanujam: its raining here... car vipers are useless

me: but i guess the photonic shield ray will!

me: it may not ruun for the first time ...coz u might have to remove the plastic wrapping it came with....the remove the thermocol 2...

caution!! ramanujam: holy shit... the rain isnt rain... its ultra nano robo zombies and they are eating up the equipment

me: oh damn! use the meatsos in ur cryogenic ventismatic fridge those zombies are allergic 2 meatsos!

me: did u use it?

me: otherwise use the smoke of a cremated dead cambodian rabbit, who lived a life impersonating sylvester stallone...i guess that not that hard to find!

me: in think i left one in ur cryogenic fridge

caution!! ramanujam: what i just killed id

me: the zombie nano robots?

caution!! ramanujam: no rabbit

me: yes now cremate the rabbit and use deflect the smoke towards the zombies

caution!! ramanujam: brb

caution!! ramanujam: aha it worked

caution!! ramanujam: the zombies are dust

caution!! ramanujam: and we have stiched the mouths of the zurluks( who have surrendered) so they cant reproduce

caution!! ramanujam: the future is safe

me: yeah! baby

caution!! ramanujam: i have thus earned a good night s sleeps

me: cheers to dead cambodian rabbits!

caution!! ramanujam: and fake sylvester stallones

me: yeah! that 2.....so lets raise our purple wine glasses n give a toast

caution!! ramanujam: and with this we precipitate the end of "the intergalactic wars for trans universal dominance and voting rights of cockroaches"

me: yeah! and as they say - "All's well that ends in a well!"
caution!! ramanujam: or a dustbin

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To HELL and back...

...through the wall of smoke a face floated towards me, a face that made me jealous of what sheer ugliness I was made up of. But as I stared at the face, I looked deep into the eye. The eye. It was as if it told me not to live.The eye had a red flame inside it, the rest was a hollow black. The black which would give every insignificant human on this planet a feeling of nothingness, it was a black hole which sucked every insanely happy moments of a thing called life. Life seemed a mere object now.
I avoided his eyes and tried to look at something else, anything else. Yet all I saw was a wall of smoke and this face. The face of a man. A man with immense power, who somehow seemed as if he was refraining from using it.
I looked at the next thing i could look at - myself. Where was I? What the 'hell' is this place? And why cant I stand straight? And who is this handsome guy?Things he's a big shot..eh! The next words that came out of my mouth were purely nothin that I intended to speak -
"Get out ma' way ya' handsome freak." I said this and I started to think...of the fistful reaction that was to come.
The man spoke ...the voice was soothing and clear. So clear that anything he said I just felt as to do as he said.
"You're in the wrong place at the wrong time.Turn back as you stand here, this is not a place for the good ones." There was no sign of emotion in his voice it seemed only like a friendly warning...nothing else.
He faded away leaving me in the wall of smoke...I tried to follow him. I didn't know why but it seemed as if he tempted me to follow him.
Moments later I realized his warning was not a fake one. I had just entered a room.Red light sprawled accros the cramped room. The people dressed in red and black each having a ciggarette in their hand. People sittin and smokin coke...and other lying around on the ground consciously unconscious, staring into nothing.A woman surrouded by three hideuos men , yet the woman only laughed and gave a big grin to me. Two men spraying alcohol from garden hoses and giving their share to everyone around. A guy alone in a corner cutting his own skin with a knife and lickin the blood that oozed out of him.
I was no longer able to walk..the guy spraying alcohol noticed me and gave me a whisky bath. A growl came from behind me, no human growl it was. I turned around, but the red light seemed to steal my vision. I was searching for a door but the wall of smoke surrounded me.
I was choking. Eyes started burning...my head was about to explode. And then I saw a man in front of me , pointing and laughing. Everybody else gathered around me and shared the laughs.
'Where the HELL am i?' was the only thing that was going through my mind...
And then the handsome guy came upto to me with a knife in his hand and said
"You should have.....err....listened to......err....my warning, yeah!You should have."
And he was about to stab me when a man behind me started shouting - "Cut!Cut!Cut!".

A man wearing a cap comes upto the handsome guy and shouts - "You cant even remember dialouges. Damn you!At least do something for your debut perfomance mate, the voice dubbing only does you half good! Damn!" he turned to me and added " You were excellent baby!".

He was....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

In the fortress of solitude!

How does it feel to be all alone? Ah! I must have forgotten that feeling, and am pining to know how it feels again. I am sick of being there for people and help them with all their stuff and for all their gain as I loose my own time even though it wouldnt have been put to much productive use. My time is all I have, let me go through it. All I want is nothing, just exactly nothing to be asked from me or for me. I WANNA BE ALONE!

Why? I know that once I reach for that lonliness I would come back to my mentality that I want people around me. I am just an example of how humans dont accept what they have and what they're given, takin' every second they breathe for granted. Everyone seems to have this problem, like suppose you are in place A and you start thinking "wouldnt it be better if I were in place B" and when put in place B mostly people tend to say " Place A was better , why couldnt I just stay where I was". But , yes there are people who appreciate their new surroundings and by god's(if there is one) grace are happy with it, they eventually get bored and come back to the same position. Humans are restless. I am too. I am human. And to err is human.
We people just cant decide if its curiosity or our own safety that governs us and so that gets reflected on our actions.

All I want is to be alone on an island for a specific period of time that I can choose. And with me I want a pc, an mp3 player, internet broadband connection, and maybe a Mcdonalds nearby. I would stay on the island for a long time. I am sure. I need time to think , time to learn, time to understand, time to contemplate. All I need is time alone.

All of us do, right? Or maybe I'm an alien!

I just dont need the prescence of human life around me right now. I have a phobia of crowds, and slowly am developing a phobia of meeting new people. But I am very good at supressing my feelings even if it is fear,sadness,anger(not pretty good at controlling anger nowadays, i burst!), happiness too.

But now I have tried to evolve my brains and push it to the next step , so its like unlike asking "Why am I like this god?" I would straight go to "What should I do to make it better!". Positivity aint my cuppa tea, but doesnt hurt to try. So I aint goin through the 'convert all your negative thoughts into postive' mumbo jumbo crap. Negativity is fun... aint it!

(Sorry for my sudden shifts in topics, a mind is a terrible thing to waste!)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm Awake!!!

A long time back Aristotle said " Man is a social animal". It is quite evident Aristotle and I haven't met.

I have this bad habit of thinking. It must be surprising of why I call it a bad habit. For me it is one. The more I think, the more I assume life. The more I assume life and what it has to give, the more I get to know how much little it has to
give. So the more I keep on thinking, the more I get depressed. Darkness fills me when I think. Negativity in abundance. I watch as my thoughts crumble upon this insane symmetry of life.

I lose hope. But somehow the emptiness doesn't suck me in that easily. I build four imaginary walls around me keeping my mind assured of protection from the outside world.

Sadly this has become my occupation. So I have thought of a plan to keep myself working all the time and never give a chance to my mind to think. The more I fill my head with things I have to work with, the less empty it becomes.I remain occupied
with myself.I still remain confined in my artificial imaginary four walls. Though the me that is confined in these walls is quite not the same to the me that reacts with the people and the outside world. It's all a mental picture.Quite a delusoinal
concept or a wierd strategy, but its still experimental.!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My Band???

This is the link to my so called "band" site thanks to garageband.com .--
Or listen to my song directly by clickin here-

There is only one song that I have uploaded and am workin on the next few.
Its not so easy, damn it!
I have still not come up with a polished song all the ideas that are in my head are raw and could not materialize into a physical state due to my inactivity and laziness.
But for now this is all I have! just check it out....

Peace -

Kurt Cobain suicide note...

I have loved this guy and really admired him and here's to remember his suicide note which I somehow find beautifully written.

"To Boddah
Speaking from the tongue of an experienced simpleton who obviously would rather be an emasculated, infantile complain-ee. This note should be pretty easy to understand.
All the warnings from the punk rock 101 courses over the years, since my first introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and the embracement of your community has proven to be very true. I haven't felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and writing for too many years now. I feel guity beyond words about these things.
For example when we're back stage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins., it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the the love and adoration from the crowd which is something I totally admire and envy. The fact is, I can't fool you, any one of you. It simply isn't fair to you or me. The worst crime I can think of would be to rip people off by faking it and pretending as if I'm having 100% fun. Sometimes I feel as if I should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out on stage. I've tried everything within my power to appreciate it (and I do,God, believe me I do, but it's not enough). I appreciate the fact that I and we have affected and entertained a lot of people. It must be one of those narcissists who only appreciate things when they're gone. I'm too sensitive. I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasms I once had as a child.
On our last 3 tours, I've had a much better appreciation for all the people I've known personally, and as fans of our music, but I still can't get over the frustration, the guilt and empathy I have for everyone. There's good in all of us and I think I simply love people too much, so much that it makes me feel too fucking sad. The sad little, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man. Why don't you just enjoy it? I don't know!
I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me too much of what i used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can't stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker that I've become.
I have it good, very good, and I'm grateful, but since the age of seven, I've become hateful towards all humans in general. Only because it seems so easy for people to get along that have empathy. Only because I love and feel sorry for people too much I guess.
Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the past years. I'm too much of an erratic, moody baby! I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away.
Peace, love, empathy.Kurt Cobain
Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your alter.Please keep going Courtney, for Frances.For her life, which will be so much happier without me.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Let Poison be thy cure

(My writin skills aint that good , so maybe this would be a headache to read. Be free to comment on anything)

Yes, I have decided it. It's final. This is the end, and I will help myself come closer to it. The method that will lead to my end is still undecided.

Hmmm... Stab myself. Nope, slow death.
Jump from the roof. Nope, too painful.
Stand in front of a fast car. But that may risk the life of the person who's driving the car too. I dont wan't anyone else to be hurt cause of me.
Think man, think what could be a fast and painless death.
Seems painless.
The problem is - where do I get it from. I mean I cant go into a shop and say " Excuse me. I need one bottle of poison that would bring a painless death."
Will Rat poison do? Well, food from the school canteen might work better against rat poison.
The chemistry lab, of course.

And so I ask my friend on the phone trying not to reveal my deadly plans to him. "Do you think in some way you can die if you accidently swallowed pottassium cyanide from the school lab?"
"Yeah, right!" came from the other end of the phone."The only thing you'll get is an indigestion or something."

So i'll have to think of plan B.
Suddenly I noticed a cleaning liquid kept on the floor. Observing it closely I found a symbol of a skull, next to which was written 'Do not swallow. The following liquid is injurious to health.'
This may do well.

Now that that's done, next we come on to the suicide note.I took an empty page and scribbled on it -
" I just got bored you know. So that's all folks."
Somehow it seemed to inappropriate, but that's what I wanted.
I go near the window and take a breath of fresh air.
"My last breath." I smiled trying to hide the sadness.This aint so easy. I take the cleaning liquid and open the cork. Strong nauseous fumes came out from the bottle.This aint easy at all.
I raise the drink,"Bottom's up".
As my hand goes halfway through the journey towards my mouth, the phone rings. Thank god for telephones, it saves lives.

I picked it up.
"Please dont die. Please dont kill yourself." Came a worried voice.
I was stunned. I looked up and stared at my ceiling - " God. Is that you?"
The answer was quick."No. Look, here. I am a boy who lives in the building just in front of yours. Dont get offended, but I have been observing you through my telescope from my house for a few weeks. I just found out all things about you from your neighbhours, you know. How you have been so helpful to everyone, how well you study, how you always are a hero at your school. I heard everything about you, right from stuff about your girlfriends to how well you play the drums. You see I have no friends and all I needed was an Idol to look up to. And so i found about you and really liked you, and so I decided I just wanna be like you. I dont want my idol to give up just like that. I know you'll be too angry by now knowing how I've been peeking into your life just to satisfy mine, but you cant just give up like that. Please dont leave me. At least think about all the people that rely on you. Think." He took a deep breath.

I was speechless. What was I thinking.
Oh my god. I accepting myself as a loser.
Even though this boy's voice seemed too kiddish to make sense, he just said the right words.
"Ummmm... look kid, I am angry at you for all this you have done. Just come downstairs i'll meet you there and we'll sort this out.Do i make myself clear."
"Yes, sir."

I took the cleaning bottle in my hand and threw it away.
Suddenly, I seemed so happy to be me. I have a life. Somebody looks upto me as an idol.
Oh my god! What was I thinking?
That's it, I'm gonna live past 99 or whatever.
This boy just changed my perspective of life.But suddenly I felt responsible. Responsible for this boy, responsible for myself.And I was never so good with resposibilities.
But It seemed - What the heck anyways, things are the way they are.
It's my life. It's me and I'm happy to be here.

I walked downstairs and just across the street found a boy waving at me happily.That's him. Poor boy, he's so cute how come he doesn't have friends.
I smiled.
I breathed the fresh air.Oh! fresh air.
Thaonk you , God.

I walked a few steps towards him feeling all free and happy at the same time had the burden of a responsibility of living.
I told you I was bad at responsibilities.
The next thing I see are blurred visions of a car approaching and a red pool I was lying in.
The last thing I heard was guy asking - " What were his last words?"
Then the boy who saved my life stared blankly at him and said -
" He said he was happy to be alive."

I tried to open my eyes. Tried.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Semi Paralysis

This is a part of my free writing exercise, where I vomit stuff from my brains and mash up to form nonsensically sensical words in an untidy arrangement. I let my hand run through the paper freely as if gliding on its own , so then I understand whats really on my mind.Sorry for the fact that it is a pain in the ass reading this stuff.
I taste the air,
A bitter whip
slashes through this
tasteless life.

A cause of reason,
a reason too soon,
a feeling giving,
of breaking the moon.

How silent darkness,
spreads like a disease.
Wander in it's own path,
with an eerie ease.

A plight of the sight,
searching behind
a reason to pry
the untouched mind.

Polluting the brain
a self corroded drain.
the downfall of madness,
the climbing of sadness.

How cryptic life is,
leaves no clues behind.
Partly showing signs,
mostly to hide.

Apparent reasons,
untie the knot
unfold the reins
of the ruins of the day.

A climb on the hill
a man pleases not
a tingling spine chill
the humans forgot.

Of how is to climb
to fly in this air.
A shape of spirit
the shape of despair.

Sacrifrices forgotten
too late to accept
a bond that was broken
a promise unkept.

I never end
I go on.
It ties no ones soul
waiting to promise -
to end in peace.

I paralyse...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Faceless Victim

This is just a spontaneously written poem, so I never thought over it or read it over and over again to check it or anything. It's just a source to channel my thought's flowing through my head right now.

I stand alone,
Watching the daylight as it freezes my thoughts.
'I am nothing, I am no-one'I repeat,
yet why do i feel like I'm all.

Is there any gain which takes away the pain,
Or only loss - to know what I have.
The blood that pumps through my veins,
dissolves in a defeat I accept.

I cannot stand forever,
I have to fall.
When and where? I question myself.
Is this the time or has it gone.

A faceless me stares endlessly
Into this painful mirror.
That reflects the darkness accumulated
through this dreadful journey.

Is it black all I see, or is it all that is,
Is what we see so real.
If what we see is what we get,
blind is what I think myself to be.

Step by step, inch by inch,
I crawl to the unseen mountains.
Climbed by my masters and by others
but not yet by me.

I stand in the shadows,
looming over me as I stand,
without proper dignity
without respect.

I speak therfore
no sense I hear.
All jumbled up tommorow,
All teared up today.

But somehow before falling I think,
'It's not being the best that's all about.
It's just the journey.'

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cryogenic Hibernation

'It was the middle east war goin' on and we had called for a chopper backup. We stood there still in the Tyrant Dictators office when we heard some muffled voices coming from the next room.We crept towards the room and made as little sound as possible. I kicked open the door and shouted "freeze." But no-on was there. They had already gone. But they left behind a
small gift. A time bomb, beeping continously with its irritating sound. Nobody in our team knew to defuse a bomb. We stood there helpless. The sound was getting faster and faster. I picked it up and banged it several times. It was gettin' more faster. I rattled it, no help. Sweat poured off from my forehead. And then a long endless beep.

"I opened my eyes, and stared at the alarm clock menacingly hoping that it would switch off on its own. "Damn you." i curse and strech my hand and bang on it."Ah! sweet silence. Now just five more minutes and i'll be fresh in no time."

It's suprising how the human biological clock can't make out the difference between five minutes and three hours while

Why do people sleep? To regain their cosmic energy? To kill time? To feel like dying for 8 hours and leave everything behind? Or just a celebration of how hard mankind has worked hard since we evolved?
Whatever it may be for all I care is to let it be the way it is.And I remember two years ago saying "Man! Sleeping is a waste dude. I mean think of all the time I could save without sleep." Boy was I dumb back then.

When I sleep I not only sleep, I hibernate. What I mean is that even if there was a brazilian samba dance troup performing around me I wouldnt even notice it. I sleep like I missed uot sleep for the last ten years. And an alarm clock doesn't change even a teeny bit of it, it has never served it's purpose for me.

In my last two academic years sleeping more than 7 hours was a hideous crime, and these rules will also be again implemented later on in other parts of my life.

For now durin' these vacations I have transformed myself into a Garfield, except different species. I sleep , I eat, I sleep , I eat. Hmmm... that might be it I guess.

Well, off I go onto the sweet dreams ..... zzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Malice in Wonderland

Sitting alone in a dark room, watching the shadows dance in the darkness. I press my ears on my headphones with my hands listening to sounds of the Metal band - Korn. I go deep into my deep depths of myself in order to find all the happy moments that have passed in the last 15 years.

I realize that either my memory is very bad or my brain is just tending to corrode on happy thoughts. That's me, I only see the sadness around me. It's misery my eyes are always on. I waste my feeling and drain my energy on putting a fake smile on my face.

I just cant carry on like this, pretending that I enjoy every part of this world. I can't afford to lie to everybody. The black inside me shadows my heart to subdue these emotions that compel me to live. I am far from being suicidal right now, coz' I know I have helped many people sacrificing my own valuable time. And I know they still need my help, but that's what i'm reduced to - just a robotic mechanical machine who runs to anyone who needs help.

I just am a not am what I am inside. One of my biggest problem is I have no identity of my own, I always become what the person in front of me wants me to become.
Who am I?
I have no idea,
no clue.

I remove my headphones and open the door to let all the light in. It takes time to adjust my eyes to get used to the light. I look outside and smile. I realize that all I have been has been worth it , and I will be the same demented happy insane child I am.
I am proud to be me....
The Heretic Monk.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Holy crap worshipper

"Standing on edge of sanity some things makes sense pretty much, but unless you have fluctuating mind that runs parellel with your own actions there is no edge of reason."

Hope my crap writing skills improve. Here is a test for the readers to read the following. If you understand this, please explain me . I don't.

Here it is -

This seems like just another parody of mankind that he created to destroy his own self . Only to breathe upon an insignificant speck of a planet called the earth is what he wished, or is it the manner of trash that he posseses - a thing called money thats so much binds him to strech out his arms and reach for love . Well, cant money buy love .I laugh as an attempt to clarify the hell that has rose from its own belongings. That no eye can see that no world can beleive . Few things that ever changed and created an introspection to the humiliated society and its sociopathic beings that never made it to the final breath. Few Remain who know everything , yet know nothing that could be given out. Beating criticism wont help in its untimely death due to come. Nobody wants to live again, the rest become ghosts. Me , do u think i'm real. Well, guess what?....
My insane mind.

Uncommon sense

Hope any of the next series of stuff i write makes any sense to the hypothetical population thats readin this buch of crap -

All in broken pieces shattered and no scope of gettin it back to the same postion where it was. How many times has a person thought of going back in time and redo the things that were not meant to be done. But only those things are the things in life its not always what you want is what you get. Coz' your mind has not tasted every fruit life has to offer but still we make our own fruit and silently think back in our minds to eat that juicy fruit on day. Well, then what. What do we do after that. A blank wait for nothing... or wait for a more jucier fruit that has more to offer. But in the corner of the mind there is always a thought hovering in our minds that there is no such thing such as a more jucier fruit yet we pretend to know of such a fruit and push others into the same line as they arent suppose to fall.

- Yeah i know i'm distorted...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Dark Harvest

The Black Moon rose,
Reflecting the life that I chose.
A chill in the air shows signs of a storm,
This bitter cold would never cease.
I grope through the darkness
to find the shattered peices,
But all my attempts end in vain,
All this suffering and this pain.
All the anger bottled up inside
Waiting to erupt on a harmless victim,
It's not that I chose to live this life,
It's this life that chose me.
No, I ran out of clues,
to this bitter search for happiness,
and satisfy my soul
with this weak smile that's stuck on my face.
All the anguish and all the fear,
I wish all of it would dissapear.
So I could see again this world of misery,
And laugh at the pity of mankind.
Nobody knows their limitations.
But my limitation is the only thing I have.
Stuck in this everlasting darkness,
I grope back for my sigth.
God, it's not your fault,
It must be mine.
Because all the facts of truth is what I can't deny.
And all that you have given me is what -
I cannot find.

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Credits To Dementia

I am not livin' upto what I'm supposed to. Why? That's coz I'm lazy. I just feel so pressured to live up to a tag that has been imprinted on me because of whom I'm related to. I sometimes feel like the black sheep of my family, and this thougth makes me so depressed that i look for new possibilities to channel my mental pain. Fortunately I have not took to drugs, smokin' or alcohol even if i know i can attain them. I feel to guilty to even think about them. The thing is rock music has helped me channel this pain, and has worked in a lot of ways and even in the most depressing times. But sometimes too much of it has caused me somewhat of a self-depression - a depression due to nothing. I just create these depressions coz' i enjoy them. And this is all subconscious, which i only realize later on.

I have been having fits and shocks lately. I donno why? I just think that i'm pretending, but i can't stop it. And who the hell am i pretending for? I donno. My body just keeps on goin tense sometimes to such extents that i cant even move a muscle. This goes on for two to ten minutes till then i barely can move my finger. I still see myself all numb yet feeling life in me.

Am i goin' mental???


On second thougth..... well its rubbish. I just am so lucky to be here in this world why the hell would I go mental. These fits n all are just my own creation - the sad part is I donno why I created it...

AM I Autistic???

I guess that's why it's called - Diary of a Schizo...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A blind Kamikaze

Everytime I wake up, I feel I have entered into a new world . You know those first 30 seconds after opening your eyes in the morning wishing the pillow to be touching your face for the next few hours. Unfortunately we dont control our lives fully.
Everytime I make myself say in the morning "Today it's gonna be different. I'll be a whole new person." Only to sub-consciously realize that I am in the same depth of water as I was yesterday, and the day before , and the day before. When will i possible change myself, when will I be hard workin' and move my silly lazy ass for a while. The answer lies inside all of us. Yet, I am too arrogant to accept it.
It seems so easy nowadays too cut this chord of life - and man they are really many many ways. But I'm not here to give tips on - 99 ways to die. I just need a pinch of sanity to keep my insane life runin' on its feet.
I'm Bracin' myself to whatever comes ahead of me. I live for now , not for the past or the future.
Anyway it's so easy to write this stuff - so damn hard to implement it. Well, that's life right!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

People R strange

y is it people, that we always pine for something we dont have?
We always look at someone else and say "Yeah, man i wanna be like him/her.I want a good body, a great face, lots of money." Well , all i have to say is dreaming isnt a crime. But when we think deep in our minds does anyone feel that everythings all we need. So there comes another question of what is want and what is need. This is the most tricky part - bcoz something that u always wanted later on builds up and bcomes a need. And suddenly u start fantasizing about it and keep your thoughts fixed on it. But, to desire is human , right. And sometimes what happens is that you pine for a thing so long that when you eventually get it - u think "This is it! This is what i've been waiting for such a long." But leave it this is a rare case. All we think is to be in someone else's shoes and daydream. And yes i have seen some people go so deep into this daydreaming that they somehow forget their own identities and associate themselves with what they want to be. ( After reading this sentance dont think that i live in a mental institute coz if u look closely at the people around you you'll know what i'm talking about.) Greed is altogether a different thing but i dont wanna go into that its just another topic.
So y is it that we only see others riches and not look at what we have? Well the thing is that whatever things we have we take it for granted . We dont know the value of anything unless it is lost or stolen or borrowed. Also another thing is "Humans like to compare". And when they compare the always try to compare themselves or others with the best . Hey, what the hell who wants to be the best?
This stuff gets mighty complicated but people , even though i'm just a teen i tell u this -

"Look at yourself First and understand what you are , who you are. "