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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Holy crap worshipper

"Standing on edge of sanity some things makes sense pretty much, but unless you have fluctuating mind that runs parellel with your own actions there is no edge of reason."

Hope my crap writing skills improve. Here is a test for the readers to read the following. If you understand this, please explain me . I don't.

Here it is -

This seems like just another parody of mankind that he created to destroy his own self . Only to breathe upon an insignificant speck of a planet called the earth is what he wished, or is it the manner of trash that he posseses - a thing called money thats so much binds him to strech out his arms and reach for love . Well, cant money buy love .I laugh as an attempt to clarify the hell that has rose from its own belongings. That no eye can see that no world can beleive . Few things that ever changed and created an introspection to the humiliated society and its sociopathic beings that never made it to the final breath. Few Remain who know everything , yet know nothing that could be given out. Beating criticism wont help in its untimely death due to come. Nobody wants to live again, the rest become ghosts. Me , do u think i'm real. Well, guess what?....
My insane mind.


beetleshit said...

ok..i read it..n i'm ata a loss 4 words..man! wat r u trying 2 say..
i'm sorry but i can understand it at all...mayb u culd xplain..