...obeying the voices in my head...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Asylum of the Dead

Was just browsing through some o the crappy notepad files I write down. Lotsa them lie around which don't make it to the blogpage. This was one of them.
Read it...and I was thinking...'Bloody hell what was I thinking when I wrote this!'.

At a point its funny/disturbing. But I guess this was at the phase when I was totally sozzled in death metal. Fun times. :)
And please if you're gonna temme stop listening to death metal when you're done reading this. Dont!

Feed on decay
the skull that bleeds to death
the core of dismay
Realigned in hell.

The flesh of thy blood
the powerless hungry saint
Corrupt from the wounds
by traitors of the sane!

The untimely urge
of yielding the bloody sword
the dark face surrounds
the unholy Satan god.

The mind just seems to
surrender to deformity
the unformed caprice
of the vile heretic priest.

The thoughts so obtuse
that feeling numb it seems
the giving thats taken
for the millions forsaken.

The heart of this soul
the life that weeps instead
of healing the broken
the broken, the dead!

Welcome to the asylum.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Goin thru all the nostalgia writin the last post made me forget a major major thing. I missed out an important point in those listed ones about our quality time stuff n all.

Anyway it was soo cool that it needs a post of its own i guess.
  • While comin back home late at night we would be on our bikes (*cough*...not mine...coz i dont own one!) and there is one seriously lonely road from the farmhouse to the highway. Used to be pretty empty and barren at any time of the day. So we would switch off the lights [although maulik didnt require that, since his bike didnt have a headlight!] and ride through the cold and dark roads. The only thing that surrounded us was the moonlight, and the cold wind on our faces. The good thing was that the bikes weren't all that noisy so it had that 'floating effect' to it. All in all it was loads o fun.
And I remember this time when Sid was with us on his way back, we had our lights dimmed and he was all soaring through the road with his hi beam luminance. The rest 3 of us were shouting 'Saale! Light band kar.', 'batti bujjha' and stuff like that. Still he failed to realize what we were so anxiously endeavoring to accomplish. He scooted off pretty quickly.

Waiting for the reunion :D!