...obeying the voices in my head...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Faceless Victim

This is just a spontaneously written poem, so I never thought over it or read it over and over again to check it or anything. It's just a source to channel my thought's flowing through my head right now.

I stand alone,
Watching the daylight as it freezes my thoughts.
'I am nothing, I am no-one'I repeat,
yet why do i feel like I'm all.

Is there any gain which takes away the pain,
Or only loss - to know what I have.
The blood that pumps through my veins,
dissolves in a defeat I accept.

I cannot stand forever,
I have to fall.
When and where? I question myself.
Is this the time or has it gone.

A faceless me stares endlessly
Into this painful mirror.
That reflects the darkness accumulated
through this dreadful journey.

Is it black all I see, or is it all that is,
Is what we see so real.
If what we see is what we get,
blind is what I think myself to be.

Step by step, inch by inch,
I crawl to the unseen mountains.
Climbed by my masters and by others
but not yet by me.

I stand in the shadows,
looming over me as I stand,
without proper dignity
without respect.

I speak therfore
no sense I hear.
All jumbled up tommorow,
All teared up today.

But somehow before falling I think,
'It's not being the best that's all about.
It's just the journey.'


P2C2U said...

Nice one!! I think you should make this a poetry blog..you express yourself very well through poems.