...obeying the voices in my head...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm Awake!!!

A long time back Aristotle said " Man is a social animal". It is quite evident Aristotle and I haven't met.

I have this bad habit of thinking. It must be surprising of why I call it a bad habit. For me it is one. The more I think, the more I assume life. The more I assume life and what it has to give, the more I get to know how much little it has to
give. So the more I keep on thinking, the more I get depressed. Darkness fills me when I think. Negativity in abundance. I watch as my thoughts crumble upon this insane symmetry of life.

I lose hope. But somehow the emptiness doesn't suck me in that easily. I build four imaginary walls around me keeping my mind assured of protection from the outside world.

Sadly this has become my occupation. So I have thought of a plan to keep myself working all the time and never give a chance to my mind to think. The more I fill my head with things I have to work with, the less empty it becomes.I remain occupied
with myself.I still remain confined in my artificial imaginary four walls. Though the me that is confined in these walls is quite not the same to the me that reacts with the people and the outside world. It's all a mental picture.Quite a delusoinal
concept or a wierd strategy, but its still experimental.!!!