...obeying the voices in my head...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

One Fine Day

So what is it that makes you human?

Your emotions. Your tendency to react. React in what seem to be the predictable patterns graphed out through the years that are said to be human psychology.

What happens when you don't react to what you're supposed to.
Or react in a manner totally unexpected.

You're inhuman.

We are scared of things beyond comprehension. Hence when things don't go according to plan. We panic. Coz there are no contingency plans. Its sudden and harsh and unplanned. And that for some is not meant to be. Things have to fall in some certain groove defined by previous experiences so that some sense of familiarity works as a transitioning agent.

But then when things do not flow in a certain streamline fashion, people have to question the occurrence. Because frankly speaking...people are lazy. Mentally. Complexities force them to think. And that requires a certain amount of flexing the mental nerves in order to act.

It's like a math problem or a puzzle given to you every time. At a certain point you can derive the "fun" from it. But then your brain starts to fatigue. It need's to "cool down". And hence we have rest. Sleep or whatever it's forms. We need breaks as in to not suffer from the wrath of having a burnout.

[Written at a subway while multitasking gluttony, random thoughts and aimless plans for the day/night]