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Sunday, August 06, 2006


What I am going to present you next is with this conversation I had with Caution!! Ramanujam...a conversation defining pure intellect, of abstract thinking and reflecting upon our mundane lives as we seek for adventure.... in everything.

Dedicated to Douglas Adams one of the great authors of all time, this conversation is purely inspired by his works!!!


caution!! ramanujam : damn im so itching to play guitar.. but everyone is sleeping

me: ahhh! thats a really sticky situation....

me: thats the good thing about electric that u can plug ur headphones into the amp n listen

caution!! ramanujam: sticky? as in gum?

me: yeah! kabhi kushi kabhi gum!

me: 2 can play at this game

caution!! ramanujam: aha i see so tis sticky sometimes.. other times its khushi?

caution!! ramanujam: is it governed by the transmodular princliples of space time?

me: i dunno exactly mayB the spasmodic shock ventilator mayb the reason

caution!! ramanujam: ahh thought so.... but how does it change exactly, some kind of beta particle disintegraator?

me: naa its the transfusion of hypoallogetic symbiostytic mesa particles

caution!! ramanujam: impropable

me: but not yet impossible.

caution!! ramanujam: swoosh... im in xena transaguada mclxii fighting with zurluks for dominance over the human race

me: damn! those zurluks i thot i disentigrated them in the planet Kornalafoonis IV after the'"7 minutes battle" on the 'sheep dog desert'...

caution!! ramanujam: aha.. they transmorgified themselves just before the blast hit them and zoomed into transaguada

me: damn! damn! damn them them to the depths of zooplon 6. i thot i knew all the tricks those scumbags had!

caution!! ramanujam: they are building the hyper fusion warp diffuser that can send u in a blast beyond the end of the universe

me: holy crapbag! i think it is time u mite use the borostatopheric shield ray(with in built car vipers!)...

caution!! ramanujam: its raining here... car vipers are useless

me: but i guess the photonic shield ray will!

me: it may not ruun for the first time ...coz u might have to remove the plastic wrapping it came with....the remove the thermocol 2...

caution!! ramanujam: holy shit... the rain isnt rain... its ultra nano robo zombies and they are eating up the equipment

me: oh damn! use the meatsos in ur cryogenic ventismatic fridge those zombies are allergic 2 meatsos!

me: did u use it?

me: otherwise use the smoke of a cremated dead cambodian rabbit, who lived a life impersonating sylvester stallone...i guess that not that hard to find!

me: in think i left one in ur cryogenic fridge

caution!! ramanujam: what i just killed id

me: the zombie nano robots?

caution!! ramanujam: no rabbit

me: yes now cremate the rabbit and use deflect the smoke towards the zombies

caution!! ramanujam: brb

caution!! ramanujam: aha it worked

caution!! ramanujam: the zombies are dust

caution!! ramanujam: and we have stiched the mouths of the zurluks( who have surrendered) so they cant reproduce

caution!! ramanujam: the future is safe

me: yeah! baby

caution!! ramanujam: i have thus earned a good night s sleeps

me: cheers to dead cambodian rabbits!

caution!! ramanujam: and fake sylvester stallones

me: yeah! that 2.....so lets raise our purple wine glasses n give a toast

caution!! ramanujam: and with this we precipitate the end of "the intergalactic wars for trans universal dominance and voting rights of cockroaches"

me: yeah! and as they say - "All's well that ends in a well!"
caution!! ramanujam: or a dustbin


P2C2U said...

I'm torn between the desire to burst into hysterical laughter and the desire to hit you both on the head with my micro-transmorgifying ray gun.

Ajay "NRkey" Menon said...

well that rush of emotion is abnormaly normal i guess!!

Incorrigibly Inhumane said...

Damn it u had to post our conversation. i would have done that otherwise!!

Aaronross said...

how the hell did you even find such a conversation

Dagny said...

all my neurons r impressed with the amazing jargon u used!

hardik said...

man ive known since 2 yrs but nvr knew u were so hillarious

hardik said...

man ive known u since two years but nvr knew u could be so hillarious AIKAN BABAAL