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Monday, May 15, 2006

Semi Paralysis

This is a part of my free writing exercise, where I vomit stuff from my brains and mash up to form nonsensically sensical words in an untidy arrangement. I let my hand run through the paper freely as if gliding on its own , so then I understand whats really on my mind.Sorry for the fact that it is a pain in the ass reading this stuff.
I taste the air,
A bitter whip
slashes through this
tasteless life.

A cause of reason,
a reason too soon,
a feeling giving,
of breaking the moon.

How silent darkness,
spreads like a disease.
Wander in it's own path,
with an eerie ease.

A plight of the sight,
searching behind
a reason to pry
the untouched mind.

Polluting the brain
a self corroded drain.
the downfall of madness,
the climbing of sadness.

How cryptic life is,
leaves no clues behind.
Partly showing signs,
mostly to hide.

Apparent reasons,
untie the knot
unfold the reins
of the ruins of the day.

A climb on the hill
a man pleases not
a tingling spine chill
the humans forgot.

Of how is to climb
to fly in this air.
A shape of spirit
the shape of despair.

Sacrifrices forgotten
too late to accept
a bond that was broken
a promise unkept.

I never end
I go on.
It ties no ones soul
waiting to promise -
to end in peace.

I paralyse...


screamer said...

beautiful poetry! keep writin, dark poet myself! nice to know theres others around!!

keep up the work!