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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cryogenic Hibernation

'It was the middle east war goin' on and we had called for a chopper backup. We stood there still in the Tyrant Dictators office when we heard some muffled voices coming from the next room.We crept towards the room and made as little sound as possible. I kicked open the door and shouted "freeze." But no-on was there. They had already gone. But they left behind a
small gift. A time bomb, beeping continously with its irritating sound. Nobody in our team knew to defuse a bomb. We stood there helpless. The sound was getting faster and faster. I picked it up and banged it several times. It was gettin' more faster. I rattled it, no help. Sweat poured off from my forehead. And then a long endless beep.

"I opened my eyes, and stared at the alarm clock menacingly hoping that it would switch off on its own. "Damn you." i curse and strech my hand and bang on it."Ah! sweet silence. Now just five more minutes and i'll be fresh in no time."

It's suprising how the human biological clock can't make out the difference between five minutes and three hours while

Why do people sleep? To regain their cosmic energy? To kill time? To feel like dying for 8 hours and leave everything behind? Or just a celebration of how hard mankind has worked hard since we evolved?
Whatever it may be for all I care is to let it be the way it is.And I remember two years ago saying "Man! Sleeping is a waste dude. I mean think of all the time I could save without sleep." Boy was I dumb back then.

When I sleep I not only sleep, I hibernate. What I mean is that even if there was a brazilian samba dance troup performing around me I wouldnt even notice it. I sleep like I missed uot sleep for the last ten years. And an alarm clock doesn't change even a teeny bit of it, it has never served it's purpose for me.

In my last two academic years sleeping more than 7 hours was a hideous crime, and these rules will also be again implemented later on in other parts of my life.

For now durin' these vacations I have transformed myself into a Garfield, except different species. I sleep , I eat, I sleep , I eat. Hmmm... that might be it I guess.

Well, off I go onto the sweet dreams ..... zzzzzzzzz.


beetleshit said...

just a question... whydid u ever hve a dream like dat, is it coz of counter-strike..?? well watever it may b interesting dream..i never hve dreams ike dat mine r mostly boring ones with a sharp red light wid me n a couple of oder ppl running down stairs..wonder wat dat means..
well u got it rite sleepin is awesum...it's like da best xcersise v can get!

P2C2U said...

Hmmm...why do we sleep? I think it is to rejuvenate ourselves..or as Shakespeare said to 'knit the ravelled sleave of care.'

bugs - the nomadic bunny said...

well said my friend! sleep is the ultimate joy! yet somehow i tend to stay awake during vacations or on saturday but am very sleepy when i am supposed to study!