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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Out of all the things that you do, never stop treasuring the greatest gift that you have been given. The gift of life.

When you're sad or you feel low, that never means that you're not living your life. It's when you try to stop feeling things around you, when you make yourself numb and so try not to feel anything because you're afraid...thats when you stop living.

To not feel, to deny it...that is the greatest crime.

Whenever that feeling of sadness overcomes you, close your eyes and feel it pass through you. Dont deny it's presence, it still is there. Touch, hear, see, FEEL...that's what makes you different. Perception.

Even if you're sad you're still feeling sadness. Nobody said life was only about being happy. Make sure you live it, unwrap this gift. Once again I stress - Feel it!

Anything you do, there is a reason for it. Its for you to experience that reason. To go through it and be a part of things. To belong in this world. To be the one who belongs.

Love yourself and Love this Gift!

SuperHuman Samurai : Syber Squad

Long before I was blessed with the gift of cable T.V. local channels 'DD1' and 'DD Metro' were the only visual treats I was accustomed to. I remember being a kid, being back home from school happily bouncing around, throwing my water bottle and bag on the couch and celebrating the merry occasion of the end of a day at school.

4:30 PM - Flick. The T.V. is switched on and I jump in pure glee as its another episode of 'SuperHuman Samurai'!! Wheeeeeeee!!

I was a religious follower of this show. Sam Collins,Servo,Tanker, Syd, Amp,Lucky, Malcolm, KiloKahn (Looked a lot like shredder)...Man!
All Sam Collins had to do was strum his electric and utter "Let's Samuraize, Guys!" !! Way too coool!
I found some of the episodes on youtube...nostalgia. God it was fun back then!!!

I always used to screw up the intro song lyrics by putting my own interpretation, finally now I figured it out. Phew!
Here it goes -
" Super Human Samurai [Guitar riff]
Super Human Samurai [Guitar riff, muffled by sounds of bolts of electricity]
They're gonna F it up [Ahhhh! 'f' it up, eh??]
Kick Some gigabutt [How nerdy!]
They're gonna rip it up [I think I had a crush on Robin Mary Florence(Syd)!! She was really cute.]
A hero always makes the cut! [Oh! he does more than that. :)]
Super Human Samurai [Guitar riff + Kilokahn in one of his happy moods]"

Note the 'S' in Syber. Now that's RAD man!!!
Good ol' days. *cough cough*

"To Servo and to protect!"

Friday, April 25, 2008


Been youtube surfin a lot these days, sad part is that the main surfing goes on after 2 in the morning coz thats when its free.
Ok so was just goin thru some random videos and pop - Bambi meets godzilla

Saw this video when I was a kid, it cam on 'splat' which was a show about animation on the discovery channel. Freakin funny the first time you see it!

We the equals

Few days back me and few of my classmates were sitting in our college garden and talkin about the whole engineering college admission system, how our college sucks, and how this new academic year students are gettin a hell lotta more options than us to stay in ahmedabad.

Two other seniors joined in and went on about their views about the whole thing and at a point started preaching a bit. They're seniors right!

We were cursing how the whole OBC quota and other SC/ST things were ruining our chances of getting into better places. Due to this the major part of our college has such 'special' category students, which makes the overall quality of the students hit rock bottom. All of us sitting there started bashing about the whole division and the extra privilege that the OBC students get.
Really vented out there. Profanities flying around like bats in a cave.

And then as we were talking this other student walks and sits near us.

We stay silent for a while. And then ask him about his admission days.
"Got in through the ST quota.",he sulks...though not sure what his reason was. Later we found out that he got only half of the marks that the rest of us sitting there had scored.
At a point I felt like a fool sitting there. Then I thought,"Well these guys might be finding it really tough to even pay the college fees, so its not as if its all sunshine n daisies for them I guess."

Suddenly someone's mobile starts ringing...its the latest hit hindi pop song (donno which one tho!). Its the ST guys phone. "Yeah! OK. Be there in half an hour.", he sticks the phone into his ear. Gives a contented smile to the rest of us and exhibits his new shining N92.

Bah! Life's not fair!

[Note : I keep no discrimination among my classmates to check and see which caste or category they are from, its just to show the irony of the whole situation with the quota system that I named this guy 'ST guy' for this post.]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kids + Kick boxing equals dumb parents

Tired day today ended up doing nothing after working till 3 AM in the morning today. No sleep.
Planning to switch to hibernation mode in a while.

Well, was reading the news today (barely do that nowadays and hence am oblivious to the current affairs n events) and came across this shocking article about 4-year old kids being bullied into kickboxing matches [link].
The first reaction I had was how sick can people get. I agree there are worse things goin on in todays world, but reading this just made me really angry at how brainless jerks these parents must be.

So where does "parenthood" step in here? Well, I haven't researched much on the families that support such ruthless bullying of children but its obvious there's no pleasant side to it.

As the articles goes, Darren Flanagan, father/coach/moron(being judgmental here) defends the art of kick boxing toddlers as he believes the hits his children are taking now will stand them in good stead for the future.
He further says,

"If someone grabs Miah(Flanagan's 5-year old daughter) when she's 15, what do you think is going to happen?"
You see he's got a point there. Why wait for kids to reach their maturity level?? Why not just teach them that the only way you can deal with the big bad mean world out there is violence!!

I mean god! C'mon. At the age of four!!!
I seriously feel like adopting those kids right now, even at 19 I could be a way better father.

The other shocking part was this -

"The children's MuayThai boxing bouts happen within an adult-sized boxing ring, with parents shouting tips such as "come on Princess, go forward, kick 'em, kick 'em."

Ok, so now you split that sentence into two and pretend as if you're just hearing someone say that.
1) 'come on princess, go forward ' - Sounds like a loving parent teaching their daughter how to ride a bicycle.

2) 'kick 'em, kick 'em' - How the hell can any parent link that with part 1!!!

The worst part in all this is that there's no age limit, so there might be some idiotic moron out there ready to coach his 2year old son or 3-year old daughter some form of martial arts!!

I'm still furious about the whole thing. Still can't swallow it down. Its good that there's a documentary being made about it spreading awareness about such a terrible bloodsport.

Over n out!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Conversations with the Anti-God - 1

Me : Somebody got to know about the sin I committed last week. I thought it was our secret!!!

Satan : What could I do. Was pretty bored then I guess.

Me : What the...?

Satan : Was talkin' to this angel dude. Ran short of topics and things to talk about. Caught hold of this thing. I hope you really mind.

Me : God!!! You really suck.

Satan : Oh! I thought you were talkin to me.

Me : Fuck you!

Satan : When?

Me : Aaaarrrgh! Bugger off.

Satan : You seem pissed.

Me : You think!!!

Satan : Anyhoo, we here are makin sure you stay depressed all the time. Things workin well aren't they?

Me : I'm happy dammit.

Satan : Aaah! Can you hear the music of the lie detectors screaming?

Me : Shut the fuck up!!

Satan : You're pretty lame and useless ya know. Can help you out you know?

Me : How desperate do you think I am!

Satan : Twice your ego. And thats ummm...pretty Big!

Nrkey Menon has signed off