...obeying the voices in my head...

Monday, March 04, 2013


Morning. Alarm goes off.
Multiple snooze abuses.
Moments later you grope for the light to shine in.
Pupils adjust to the sudden rush.
Contemplate the day in a few seconds.
Generalize the day in terms of good and bad by the way you wake up.
(Wrong side of the bed maybe?)
Am I late? Rush.
Am I early? Sleep more and get late. Time does know how to fly in hibernation.
Brush. Feel the few neurons of your head get stimulated with the acidic "freshness" of your toothpaste.
Stand beneath the shower like a frozen statue feel the cold water trickle down your body.
Stand. Dry.
Turn to the watch. Seconds passed by.
The rut of commute. The desensitization of long minutes/hours and the dense populous contorting inside boxed wheels.
We suffer, yet we barely know it...conditioning matters.
Rut in the office.
Work. Sit. Yawn.
Count the productive gaps and the "breaks".
Prepare charts and sheets.
Type like manic fanboy in front of a screen.
Clickety click goes the fingers tap in synchronised choreography of eyes following the mouse.
For a moment the second hand of the analog clock freezes when you notice it. Physics?
Wrap up. Contemplate the day that just passed as the totality of your existence.
Have I made a change to this world today?
It's the way home but there's no drive that makes you want to necessarily go there.
Yet it's a race and reaching early can be an achievement unlocked.
Wading through traffic of humans and cars. Millions around but this story is about you. The one you.
Wipe the last of the plate onto the sink...taste buds confirming the repetition.
Its a symbolic representation of the day coming to end. The music diminishes gradually to a lull.
Feel constricting time quickly tapering off any sign of quivering activity that would act as an unforeseen epiphany. Life changing?
Lie in bed. Evaluate. Question self worth. Deem yourself lazy.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
There's a rockstar ending to this and it's coming soon. Isn't that what stories teach us ?
The senses shut down. The world around whizzes to a black point.