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Saturday, January 14, 2006

People R strange

y is it people, that we always pine for something we dont have?
We always look at someone else and say "Yeah, man i wanna be like him/her.I want a good body, a great face, lots of money." Well , all i have to say is dreaming isnt a crime. But when we think deep in our minds does anyone feel that everythings all we need. So there comes another question of what is want and what is need. This is the most tricky part - bcoz something that u always wanted later on builds up and bcomes a need. And suddenly u start fantasizing about it and keep your thoughts fixed on it. But, to desire is human , right. And sometimes what happens is that you pine for a thing so long that when you eventually get it - u think "This is it! This is what i've been waiting for such a long." But leave it this is a rare case. All we think is to be in someone else's shoes and daydream. And yes i have seen some people go so deep into this daydreaming that they somehow forget their own identities and associate themselves with what they want to be. ( After reading this sentance dont think that i live in a mental institute coz if u look closely at the people around you you'll know what i'm talking about.) Greed is altogether a different thing but i dont wanna go into that its just another topic.
So y is it that we only see others riches and not look at what we have? Well the thing is that whatever things we have we take it for granted . We dont know the value of anything unless it is lost or stolen or borrowed. Also another thing is "Humans like to compare". And when they compare the always try to compare themselves or others with the best . Hey, what the hell who wants to be the best?
This stuff gets mighty complicated but people , even though i'm just a teen i tell u this -

"Look at yourself First and understand what you are , who you are. "


P2C2U said...

All the best, dude....may your blog be the next Drudge Report!!!

Dagny said...

hey, i agree completely, our stuff looks like copy-paste, i guess our minds decided to sprout up the same stuff at the same time, but senor, i agree