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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Out of all the things that you do, never stop treasuring the greatest gift that you have been given. The gift of life.

When you're sad or you feel low, that never means that you're not living your life. It's when you try to stop feeling things around you, when you make yourself numb and so try not to feel anything because you're afraid...thats when you stop living.

To not feel, to deny it...that is the greatest crime.

Whenever that feeling of sadness overcomes you, close your eyes and feel it pass through you. Dont deny it's presence, it still is there. Touch, hear, see, FEEL...that's what makes you different. Perception.

Even if you're sad you're still feeling sadness. Nobody said life was only about being happy. Make sure you live it, unwrap this gift. Once again I stress - Feel it!

Anything you do, there is a reason for it. Its for you to experience that reason. To go through it and be a part of things. To belong in this world. To be the one who belongs.

Love yourself and Love this Gift!


Aanshi said...

yo dude..!
cheers to life.. the world is perfect, it is the way it is and not the way it is not... :)

Merc said...

dude somehow u reminded me of bon jovi "remember life is perfect god makes no mistakes" my only question is are u actually following what u have written ??

NRkey Menon said...

There are times when i'm low and keep forgetting this,
this post is specially written to remind me of the facts. And yes I do feel this way.