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Friday, April 25, 2008

We the equals

Few days back me and few of my classmates were sitting in our college garden and talkin about the whole engineering college admission system, how our college sucks, and how this new academic year students are gettin a hell lotta more options than us to stay in ahmedabad.

Two other seniors joined in and went on about their views about the whole thing and at a point started preaching a bit. They're seniors right!

We were cursing how the whole OBC quota and other SC/ST things were ruining our chances of getting into better places. Due to this the major part of our college has such 'special' category students, which makes the overall quality of the students hit rock bottom. All of us sitting there started bashing about the whole division and the extra privilege that the OBC students get.
Really vented out there. Profanities flying around like bats in a cave.

And then as we were talking this other student walks and sits near us.

We stay silent for a while. And then ask him about his admission days.
"Got in through the ST quota.",he sulks...though not sure what his reason was. Later we found out that he got only half of the marks that the rest of us sitting there had scored.
At a point I felt like a fool sitting there. Then I thought,"Well these guys might be finding it really tough to even pay the college fees, so its not as if its all sunshine n daisies for them I guess."

Suddenly someone's mobile starts ringing...its the latest hit hindi pop song (donno which one tho!). Its the ST guys phone. "Yeah! OK. Be there in half an hour.", he sticks the phone into his ear. Gives a contented smile to the rest of us and exhibits his new shining N92.

Bah! Life's not fair!

[Note : I keep no discrimination among my classmates to check and see which caste or category they are from, its just to show the irony of the whole situation with the quota system that I named this guy 'ST guy' for this post.]


Merc said...

face it dude its india.. u cant expect equaloty.. either its women (wo)manhandling us or men of other castes ;) but we will fight till the end ;)

NRkey Menon said...

Alas! that is sad.
But yes, we will fight! :)