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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Conversations with the Anti-God - 1

Me : Somebody got to know about the sin I committed last week. I thought it was our secret!!!

Satan : What could I do. Was pretty bored then I guess.

Me : What the...?

Satan : Was talkin' to this angel dude. Ran short of topics and things to talk about. Caught hold of this thing. I hope you really mind.

Me : God!!! You really suck.

Satan : Oh! I thought you were talkin to me.

Me : Fuck you!

Satan : When?

Me : Aaaarrrgh! Bugger off.

Satan : You seem pissed.

Me : You think!!!

Satan : Anyhoo, we here are makin sure you stay depressed all the time. Things workin well aren't they?

Me : I'm happy dammit.

Satan : Aaah! Can you hear the music of the lie detectors screaming?

Me : Shut the fuck up!!

Satan : You're pretty lame and useless ya know. Can help you out you know?

Me : How desperate do you think I am!

Satan : Twice your ego. And thats ummm...pretty Big!

Nrkey Menon has signed off


Merc said...

it should be "twice your belly" ;). m sure thts bigger than your ego :)

NRkey Menon said...

Ha! well laugh all u want, soon i shall hit the ghyym and then u shall shall consider me one of the 300 spartans. :)!!

Merc said...

i thought that was a plan B that never existed :)..