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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kids + Kick boxing equals dumb parents

Tired day today ended up doing nothing after working till 3 AM in the morning today. No sleep.
Planning to switch to hibernation mode in a while.

Well, was reading the news today (barely do that nowadays and hence am oblivious to the current affairs n events) and came across this shocking article about 4-year old kids being bullied into kickboxing matches [link].
The first reaction I had was how sick can people get. I agree there are worse things goin on in todays world, but reading this just made me really angry at how brainless jerks these parents must be.

So where does "parenthood" step in here? Well, I haven't researched much on the families that support such ruthless bullying of children but its obvious there's no pleasant side to it.

As the articles goes, Darren Flanagan, father/coach/moron(being judgmental here) defends the art of kick boxing toddlers as he believes the hits his children are taking now will stand them in good stead for the future.
He further says,

"If someone grabs Miah(Flanagan's 5-year old daughter) when she's 15, what do you think is going to happen?"
You see he's got a point there. Why wait for kids to reach their maturity level?? Why not just teach them that the only way you can deal with the big bad mean world out there is violence!!

I mean god! C'mon. At the age of four!!!
I seriously feel like adopting those kids right now, even at 19 I could be a way better father.

The other shocking part was this -

"The children's MuayThai boxing bouts happen within an adult-sized boxing ring, with parents shouting tips such as "come on Princess, go forward, kick 'em, kick 'em."

Ok, so now you split that sentence into two and pretend as if you're just hearing someone say that.
1) 'come on princess, go forward ' - Sounds like a loving parent teaching their daughter how to ride a bicycle.

2) 'kick 'em, kick 'em' - How the hell can any parent link that with part 1!!!

The worst part in all this is that there's no age limit, so there might be some idiotic moron out there ready to coach his 2year old son or 3-year old daughter some form of martial arts!!

I'm still furious about the whole thing. Still can't swallow it down. Its good that there's a documentary being made about it spreading awareness about such a terrible bloodsport.

Over n out!


caz said...

oi my son of 5 yr old does kick boxing NON contact no all forms are bad it teached my son respect disaplin and maturaty beyond his years learnt him how to listern to what been said and how to respect people his school work even improved dramaticly i'd never allow him to fight in comps til he wer 14 at least but non contact kick boxing is cool so long as teached correctly

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