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Monday, March 31, 2008

Conversations with God - I

God : So what would you answer if I asked you who you are?

Me : I'm just a form actually. I'm what or who you want me to be.

God : Are you saying you don't have constance?

Me : Yes. I'm merely a mold and and I can be cast into various shapes. You want a goody good guy to talk to, I'll be you're angel. You want a rebel to talk to, I'll be the swearing punk. I have no core If there is such a thing. Maybe I'm not human inside, but my saying this would only be perceived by you as an act of being "cool" or being "different". I do act on those principles, but they aren't the only factors governing my behavior. Inside there's a reason to everything, on the outside I'm clay!

God : Then what do people think of you?

Me : If I knew that then I wouldn't be here talking to you.

God : Your logic fails me. Yet I shall not press on that fact. Answer me this, do you hate any person?

Me : As an individual I hate no one. I might dislike them and show that I do hate them, but acceptance and forgiveness are my virtues. And these virtues are what people don't like about me...cause then it becomes inhuman not to hate. We were believed to be born to occupy our own emotional spectrum to every value be it anger,love,hatred,peace...and beyond. But maybe hatred is too harsh a word, or too impossible an extremity.

God : It seems you find it tough to fit in.

Me : On the contrary, thats my last worry.

God : So you can be independent and survive all alone.

Me : Given the opportunity I would attempt that, but thats where my human characteristics kick in. Indecisiveness and uncertainty, I'm full of it.

God : Thats the only human traits you claim to own? So you still claim not to be a human?

Me : Do you really wanna know the answer?

God : Humour me.

Me :

God : I didn't quite get that.

Me : They don't call you 'God' for nothing, do they?

God : They??

Me: Your subjects. Your children!

Me : So... what would you answer if I asked you who you are?

God : I'm would say I'm me.

Me : But that's me!!

God : That's all I have to say.


Merc said...

well the ending reminded of an arnold spoof where he talks to his twins

"you are me and i am you"
"no i am you and you are me"..

Massagem said...
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