...obeying the voices in my head...

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I donno watts wrong with me...i was sleeping when this nightmare just flashed.
It is seriously stuck on to my brain. I donno if i'll be able to sleep now.

I was sitting on my terrace it was evening. And I was sitting near my usual place,when just that time somebody came up on the terrace, walked in front of me towards the edge and gave a sideways glance and smiled at me. Then he jumped and was no more on the edge.

He was me.

I seriously cant sleep. I just sensed in the night that something bad was about to happen, but I thought that I was paranoid about it. And now i just feel to disturbed and shaken. I'm just too scared now. I still have that feeling that something bad is about to happen. I guess i'll be extra precautious about stuff due to this horrible dream.

I donno what all this means, somehow i'm not curious. I just am scared, really scared and insecure!!
Shit!! I'm gettin paranoid that something is gonna happen...

I'll just calm down now since i've blogged it. Does help in a way. Somewhat.

To end on a humorous note -
Good Night!