...obeying the voices in my head...

Thursday, March 27, 2008


For a moment I sat there. Trying to open my eyes. I could, but I didn't. Something scared me. What would I see once I open them. Things as they were, unbroken...not shattered to pieces!
And then I muster up my will n courage (Is it mine now??). The light enters my eyes. My pupils dilate adjusting to the brilliant light. And then I see. Things there, the same place.

It was a wound, and darkness was a friend. Nothing around existed actually. Coz I didn't want things to. They might have been there, just existing...a mere entity in it's place. I didn't want to touch anything, coz I was scared now things would be different. Would I touch the cold n smooth surface of metal and feel the same...would I know the softness of anything.

I reason. That's all I usually do. Stare at the sky and reason. Analyse. He!

And then I move my head. Everything was moving inside my head. The numbness was slowly fading away, but it was still there.
Was I still living? Did I do something that I shouldn't have? Did I preserve my mask of sanity, or has it slipped away?

All I could see was a circle fading to black.

I try to stand up and feel the back of my head. Blood.
It was a nasty fall.
I never knew it happened. But still it was a deja-vu!

People were around me. Looking and observing me like a moonrock. Why would I trust them? Why would I trust anyone?
It's my life.
It's mine.
My precious!
*gollum tone*

I stood up. I walked...
and then I lived happily ever after.


Merc said...

atleast you are seeing a happy ending.. good..

Dagny said...

i don't claim to understand this

NRkey Menon said...

Oh yeah. Thats pretty rare in my textbooks.

@Dagny :
Its all metaphor and hyperbole! :D