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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Its 2008!

Ahhh! Its 2008 already. Happy new year!

Somehow, I feel as if the years are gettin' shorter. (*cough cough* or maybe i'm growin older!)

2007 has been a great year for me, although really bad things have also happened in these last 12 months the good things just nullify them off.

Its been two years since my blog started, starting with the 'People R strange' post. And now have come a long way in terms of maturity and understanding.(Ummm! well thats what I think at least.) I'm in a relationship now, though I have seldom mentioned it on my blog(actually never I think!) I prefer not to make everything public. So here I am.

Here's the 2007 chronology:

Jan 1: Not much a happy new year it seemed. I was fed up of college. So as a new year resolution I decided I would make efforts to get into a better institution by giving the engg. tests all over again.

Jan 23: I caught up with Purav through orkut, who called me in to join 'Morbid genesis' as a guitarist coz Sankalp(their original guitarist) had an accident and got his hand fractured. So I go in with my guitar,amp and processor over to some place these ppl call me, which turned out to be mruganks spare house. And I get recruited. So met all of them - mrugank, purav, Maulik, Joel on this day. I was erally excited.

Jan 26:My first show. I was somewhat superproud of myself and it really felt awsome going on stage for the first time playing to the songs that I had been listening to for so long.
The show was at CEPT called 'Metamorphosis'. I was dead nervous when we were about to play...and I kept saying "Dont screw this up!" again n again inside my head. It turned out pretty well. I wasnt facing the crowd much coz I was headbanging and riffing most of the time. And somehow there was some conspiracy which resulted in our performance being cut short and robbed us off of playin our trump song - 'Hallowed be thy name(Maiden cover)'.
Though I was really happy when it was over. 'My first show'!!
Just when I was about to display my impatience for the next show in which I might perform, Mrugank pops up and informs me,"Oh we've got a show tomorrow, and you're playing!".

Jan 27-28: This was really unexpected. I never thought the moment I start performing I would end up playing back to back. But here I was...at IIM chaos. Anubhav got tense on the last song and so I got the opportunity to vocalize my love for the metallica song. Singing and playing on stage...whoo! for a second timer it felt like scaling half of Mt.Everest. Had a blast at IIM at night/dawn too. Sadly our turn came at 4AM...so we had an audience of some seriously sleep deprived people, some staring with bloodshot eyes ("When will this end!") others successfully making makeshift beds out of the leaning chairs (hats off to them actually!). Oh yeah and was the day when I witnessed the wonder know to us fellow humans as 'Prestorika'! Amazing!

Feb 3: The third show. A notch higher. This was the campus rock Idols, and my smile got creepier. I had promised my sis the next Idols I would be up there on stage performing. Alas! My sister wasnt there. Although the show was pretty awful at some parts with the problems in bass tuning and anubhav screwing up a bit...It was really fun to be at sucha level of stage perfomance. I really did a lotta monkeying around, almost went berserk and prancing around like a pony on steroids. One word - Fun!

March 9: The DAIICT show. The best one of all. Again here I was super proud to me on vocals and guitar. But sadly I got a shocker when I heard my own voice on the video. We lost badly coz we were expecting to win, but at a level in barely mattered with all the fun we had. More on this post.

March 16: A day I would never forget. Ishan calls me up to ask me if I was interested to go for a college techfest held that day or not, I got too sleepy and said that I'll rather stay home n study. My parents werent that convinced that I would study at home so they suggest me that it would be better I went for the techfest. Finally I agree and tag along with Ishan. And so I met Dagny. It was pretty friendly and formal that day actually, but was a beginning.

June 6 - Quite smoking cold turkey. Sounds easy...I tell you its not. But I had to before it consumed me.

Jun 7 - The worst day of my life till now. Never have I cried and I felt so close to death. The joy of living was redefined in a way.

June (16 - whole bloody month!) : Had my first year final exams...the not so grand finale. Alas! It was disappointing but the period was amazing coz I was mostly on the phone or on messaging with Dagny.

July 2: The exams end. Believe me...this might seem insignificant but it was humongous relief for me. And what followed later...

July 29 : My fifth show. This time with a band called 'Untouched Corpse'. And yeah! I did feel like a corpse while performing that day. The best part though was that I was not at all tense on stage and I felt really free and wasn't scared even with people staring at the erroneous blunders that we committed ourselves to - The band! But then I forgot every bad thing that happened. Result : time stopped. Archive here.

August 4: A day I personally found really really important and heavenly.

Aug 27 and Sep 3 : Discovering the godliness by foodliness!

September (Last week!) : Jinal making his major decision of taking a year long drop. I first thought he was joking when he came forward with the idea...but then swoosh! Ching-bam! Here he is back in the city. I didn't make any preparations for a warm welcome coz I was too ahem 'bizzy' with my stuff. But at last we did meet, we still do. And talking abt it like a matter of national security does make me feel weird.

October 9 - Dagny's birthday. And there was awesome cake too! I apologize for my ravenous appetite! Khee khee!

October 13 & 14- My trip to Surat NIT with Amit and Ishan. It was really fun. Did a lotta timepass. Particpated for the contraption thingy competetion. Ate the menu. Fun travelling with friends!

November 6- My sister is back, only for a really short time tho.

November 8 - I am old(er)! Age : |1-20|. I would say this was my first birthday though.

November 9 to 15 - The shimla trip. The whole family(all four of us!) together after a long long time. Twas splendid. Quality time I say, and adventurous too!

December 26-My sis leaves for the US of A. Right now in Urbana champagne, Illinois. Miss her. But happy that she's getting to see a whole new world.

December 31 - Bloody exams on the 1st on jan....can ya believe that!
ha! Crappy new year!

Ummm....well that's some of it. I wrap it up here and leave a bit to my amazing power of memory storage.
I loved this year.