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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another prick in the wall

Ok so here I am...back in the sack. College's started again. Same old faces....tch tch, sadly!
Got a lotta 'ur gettin fat' from a bunch o ppl, so have planned to hit the gym(a really hypothetical PLAN B for now I must add!). I am putting on weight though, the worst part is that all the fat gets accumulated somewhere around the mid torso area giving justice to the shyly visible paunch in the making. My sis always used to scare me that I'm gonna be fat and bald when I'm 35, the only silver lining in her statements where the absence of usage of the word 'ugly'!
Haha! take that. At least i'll be good looking then.....or would I!!!

*ominous music*

Ok so here I was sitting in the lecture(as in synonym for lullaby), sitting on the first bench (what the hell was i doing there!) and trying to absorb every ounce of nonsensical jargon thrown at me(metonymy for the class). [I'll stop using the parenthesis right about now....(i guess not!).]
And was feeling bored, same ol' same ol'. Some new faculty members this time. Each of them professing in their preposterous usage of the English dialect. Butchering everything that has been ever been invented and know to man about the English grammar. Clearly the little red book called wren and martin was not meant for them.
Sometimes it gets torturous just to try n figure out the mistakes.... i tell you the part to figure out what they mean by their speech is much more an arduous task than learning about 'data structures, algorithms' and all bloody what-nots.

Getting too bored I seemed too interested in the dysfunctional verbiage(note the sarcasm please) that one of my very 'dear' teacher was emanating. I scratched a single line for each time she used 'understand or not'...and later found 37 lines sprawled on my page. That's what the definition of 'fun' is reduced to in that hour of mental agony.

Somehow after a year and a semester of this same torture treatment I've grown quite numb to it and now feel immensely immune to the random rantings from our educationists!!

...So here I am now feeling tired n hungry(a perennial state of mind proving my normalcy) and eying the pillows which just seem fluffier right now.

I end on a pleasant note on what Floyd(see: god) once said :
"We don't need no ejju-kay-shun..................


P2C2U said...

I looooove the new look of your blog!!

And what Blasphemy! Floyd is not God! I am! Muahahahaha!!

Come join the believers!

Dagny said...
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NRkey Menon said...

The whole credit for the new look of my blog goes to my friend Dagny, coz she's helped me a lot with it.

And...well I shall visit the nearest 'p2c2u' temple around!!!
Hail to thee!

Dagny said...

i just poked you. a lot. thats all

Aanshi said...

hey ther, finally i went through ur blog and its simply awesome..!
every word here manages to SPEAK somehow.!!
liked the way u write, lemme knw wen u post more

NRkey Menon said...

Ahhh! thanki thankies!!

Shall update the blog soon.
Keep blogging!

Aanshi said...

once again i read this post and this time twas "another tumble in the fall" [:P] njoy..!