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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


For the past few hours/days all I've been doin is 'puzzles'. Yeah! thats right...puzzles. I'm putting my mind through every sudoku, crossword, kakuro, loop the loop, crypting and jumbled up anagrams in every newspaper I could find.

It now has taken a turn to an obsession. I've not stopped solving these things since morning. I dont take a bath, I barely think of food(unless it smells great...hey I got my soft spots too!) and stop thinking for a while of the stuff happening around me.
By the popular method of induction i might say 'THIS IS NOT ME'. I had an attention span of like ....1,2....5 seconds i think. This is new.

Though I do shy away a bit when I bare witness to the 'Medium' or the 'Hard'(rarely occurs) tag beneath each sudoku challenge, the next moment I jump onto it as if hunting down a gazelle! I admit that crosswords are not my cup o tea...but there's hope. Even solving 1/4th of the darned array of strategically arranged characters makes me go 'woohooing' around the house like a marionette. And yes I'm humble and modest so I wont give myself the total credit, rather share it with my dad and my girlfriend. Though I still manage to scribble my illegible handwriting(rather close to hieroglyphics!) all around the newspaper.

There's this one thing I was thinking about when I was solving all this stuff. I usually get stuck, as human I am at every 5 min period at a particular part of any puzzle that I'm working on. Slowly the latency deteriorates and frustration sets it. If this period of getting 'stuck' still goes on the mind gets close to a saturation point when all the collective barrage of logical explanations and solutions have a sudden breakdown. And then the logic stops and you solve the given problem through illogical means. However improper and erroneous it seems the mind would satisfy itself (temporarily) and an illogical base is set. On further proceeding the numbers or the characters loose its value and the whole element of the puzzle becomes a farce of its actual components.

Its like writing your favorite words in the crossword boxes without paying heed to the clues. Eventually it makes no sense, but somehow sometimes you're satisfied by ending the puzzle.

Here I would like to draw an analogy of how the "society" or the "modern people" accept what they believe is right through logical or illogical explanations. The objective eventually is skewed as it is not the 'authenticity' of the outcome its just the 'presence' of the outcome. We take things given to us, information fed to us through any form. We're satisfied by the information we get, coz we get it from "reliable" sources. There is no authenticity. There is no absolution of truth...no evidence. Everything is straight from the horse's mouth.

Reminds of the System of a Down video in where a newsreader spits out :
"...I wish I could tell you more pertinent news, but we're in a rating system here. And the key factor is "Sensationalism". They've got you running in circles, nine to five and five to nine (you're mine). I tell you what they want you to know and you consider it the truth. Nobody is opening their eyes! Our global economy is depleting the world of our lives and natural resources and ARE YOU HAPPY? ..."

I leave it here.
I've strayed pretty far away from where I started.
Hehe! thats the beauty of blogging, isnt it?


Dagny said...

COugh cough, i see the markings of an eminent author.