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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reflections on emit

This is not me , this is just a....

Open your eyes. Is it so hard??
Can you see whats real?? Can you feel it??
People are so bound to themselves sometimes, isnt it so. Never get time to see whats important. Time to 'be there'. Time to have a laugh. Time to share a smile.
Time is intricate, complex and the best alibi when you run out of reasons. Time sucks actually!
I've got lots n lotsa time. I mean I could empty my pockets and you could see hours and minutes falling to something that newton once proposed. Crazy bloke Newton!! Think he knows it all!! Schmuck!!

So where was I .....oh yes....Time. People say time is money.
I say 'Haha!! Fuck you!'
I mean time is money. For cryin out loud...all that you want associated to time is money?? Doesnt that show how we homo sapien (+sapiens??) think. I like to blame humanity actually, it's like one o' my things on the 'things to do' list that I have.(I stopped blaming the chimps coz they stared practicing projectile fecal matter throwing on me...talk about evolution!!). So we come back to 'TIME'....we have time. We've actually got all the time we want. We just keep looking for breaks....but alas!! we have no time.

It is complex my fellow primates... we see the loss of time in everything.
So when does the 'quality' time come??
What is this 'quality' time??

*sinister mysterious music played on a cello and two violins*

After trying to calculate the answer in my brain for a brief period of 1.2334587 seconds (thats how long the registers in my brain function.) ...I have come to the conclusion that the best way to answer the question in order to avoid controversies, arguments, and people fumbling for the 'report as abuse' button on my orkut account shall be answered in the following manner -

'Sorry for the inconvenience!'

So ladies and worms, girls and germs...I hath successfully been umm.....successful in wasting thy time...and there's more too.

So where was I ....ahhh! yes....Time. Yes actually I just like blaming 'time' for everything too...its next to humanity and god on the 'blame list' that I have. If time was available at a retail store at every crossroad, then we can say 'time is money!'. But for now I discard that phrase, quote or whatever from my memory registers.

But if you wake up on the right (as in antonym of wrong) side of the bed, you shall see how beautiful time is when it is organised. When you can see what time goes where. When you have control.
But now one thing...does that mean you have to 'control' time??

*sinister music on an A minor scale*

Actually you never need to control, you just know stuff. Its that gut feeling you have to trust on like the ones you got when you were a kid with that 'i dont wanna go to school today' type gut feelings. See!!

So you don't need to hold time in you hands...it just flows!!!

Yes there is chaos, there is randomness....well ummm...lemme remove the 'randomness' for the time being, i'll stick to chaos!
But there is order in chaos too...thats chaos theory my fellow humans!
Therefore - Time is chaotic!

Time freaks me out too... the similar way I'm freakin you out while you're readin this piece of crap.

So people of the netherworlds and beyond, I say time is something we should not study about. Lets just limit it to SI units and physics numericals! No metaphysics here!

I repeat -
'Sorry for the inconvenience!'

By the way...*cough cough*...whats the time??


Dagny said...

i dont understand anything out of it :(

NRkey Menon said...

Frankly speaking, neither do i!!!

Maya said...

it's 12:50 am
and i read it and actually understood it. :D