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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Reason

Something I wrote a few days back. Felt as If things were changing and going into a more pleasant phase! Seems they are...or are they, duh duh duhhhhh!!

I lay asleep
Ignorant of the world around me
too unique to blend
never camouflaged in the society.

Of all the times I have been through
doesnt life ever have a lesson
so teach me what it beholds
or shall I just softly glide away.

I'm impatient
I'm weak
Nothings clear
it's all too bleak.

There is darkness that surrounds me
I might collapse
But I still learn to hold on
hold on till my last.

All that has faded away
the darkness has passed
I'm entering a new world
but dont want to go in fast.

All I wanted was a reason
a reason to live my life
and I wont say I got what I wanted
but what I needed to stay alive...


Dagny said...

Awesome,sakhat n all! ummmm i don't know!

But honestly, such a nice expression of ur thoughts :)

Ajay "NRkey" Menon said...

hehe! thanku for those splendid words madam...please add a (TM) sign there will you!

Dagny said...

nope, i won't let u sue me, thats my privilege