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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Memories>right click>delete

Home today.

Wanted this Floyd Song from a friend badly. Switched on my nokia's bluetooth and hence the transfer started.

A bright red flash luminously erupts onto the screen.
"Warning : Memory too low. Delete some data" it said.

"What?" was the knee jerk reaction. "This never happens!"
I never store anything on the phone memory since it had the notoriously low and not-so-awesome-a-number memory space...'9 megs of data'! And since 9 megs is like a grain of salt compared to the square meal that I wanted to store, I was off on a crusade to delete the 'evil' redundant data.
Turned out there wasn't any data as such.
I checked my inbox.
1900 messages lying carefree. 
Now I am not much in touch with the current standards of "coolness" of how many texts to be stored in the inbox is considered "cool" plus the knowledge that even 2000 msgs would add up to be only in kb's.... it was still a shock for me.

Next step was to delete it hence...Get rid of all those scattered junk!
Get rid of just words lying around without any use!
Get rid of each 1KB text!
Get rid of stuff lying accumulated since last november!
Get rid of Memories???

Then it struck me. I just could not delete them. And it sounded really stupid that each one had a sentimental value for me. 
I never used to save messages as such unless it was a really funny forward or some really personal stuff(which was relatively less).

And here I was marking all the messages. Getting them ready for the guillotine.

I couldn't. I just couldn't. And the thought of it made me feel stupid of how attached I was just to text  messages. 

But there it was... my finger centimeters away from the delete soft key. Closing in. Finger dragging. Air resistance. Damping constant. Deceleration. Halt before the destination.

Just couldn't. "Stupid" I think. I run for the cable, connect the nokia to my PC. Transfer and store the messages in my PC. Disconnect. And suddenly the damping constant for my executional finger appeared to be zero. Swift agility!

Inbox Empty.

Virtually it wasn't!

'Memories are memories, you can't delete them!'


lazy_workaholic said...

HAHA! thats what I do!!

Glad to know someone shares my obsessive need to hold on to shreds of the past.. :( :)

;) good piece..