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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Guess what! Check this out...

In case the text is not clearly visible, here's what my inbox is adorned with...

FaceBook Social Profile writes to me
"In total, you were reviewed for dating 19 times and one person expressed interest in you.
You are more desirable than 48% of 47,204,370 people."

WOW!!! Now doesn't that make me feel special!!
Certainly it does.
Suddenly you give me a quizzical look and utter an almost audible "Why?".
I burst out in mocking laughter with the air of 'being desired by people' haughtiness. 

"Silly!" I poke thee. 
Here's Why...


World Population = 6,768,269,319  (link)

People I'm more desirable than = 48% of 47,204,370 people
                                                        = 22658097.6  people

Thus I'm more desirable than 1/300th of the people out there!!

Its like being a celebrity...well without the limo's and the champagne or whatever...!!

Thank you for making my day facebook(TM)!
Thank you indeed!!