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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sometimes in life all you need is a reason.


Seems small a word, but size never determined anything! Just one reason would be enough to change things. To set things in motion. To set sail to farther seas. Just one!

I never thought I would have one. But I just was never good at estimating and predicting stuff anyways.

Things shall change and still be the same...a paradox?

I guess the topic of 'change' has been a major part of my blog. Never do i put thoughts into action is what I thought. But if that was the case then I would have been the same person I was back then. And I'm not.

Who knows when things happen and how. It does get unpredictable sometimes...but at the end of it all when the road is so clear, it is all about focus and being what you truly are.

[Phew!! Too many thoughts...so little time]


Dagny said...
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Dagny said...

"so many thoughts, so little time"

that is how life is, so many things to do, so many mountains to scale, n so little time...

that just makes actin even more imperative, doesn't it?

NRkey Menon said...

It is inevitable!