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Monday, April 27, 2009


All variables appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real operands, active or freed, is purely coincidental.


X : I'm baaaack Y. I'm sorry I...y?
Y, answer me!!!
Where in the name of bool are you!!

Z : playsound(whistle.wav);

X : Z???

Z : Hey ma variable from another initialization! What's the latest?

X : Z?? Is that really you??

Z : bool man...you look like you just saw a constant!

X : I thought you were...

Z : I'm as assigned as I was, short int-y!

X : Look Z, I can't seem to find Y. I fear she's with i.

Z : i , eh? nasty looper that int! 

X : Z!! What do i do now?

Z : I might just know where I is. Let's move...

(X and Z reach an unknown function call)

Z : I think that's where he is. There's only room for one formal parameter!!! I guess you should go in. I'm sure that's where i is.

X : Thanks Z. And Z...in case i'm not returned...tell q that I miss her.

Y : What in the name of bool are ya saying! q? The one with the ego the size of an array???

X : Just tell her that...

Z : X, you're such a pointer!!!

X : I'm goin in Z. And stay away from '#define'!!

(X goes in the function call and finds i. Y is next to i, seemingly unassigned.)

i : Welcome X, I have been waiting for a while( ).

X : i!!! I knew i'd find you here hiding inside a....

i : Was it you who knew or Z. Dont mock my registers X, I know.

X : I'm here to rescue Y.

Y : X, i saved me from a total execution.

X: i what??

i : X, its a pity you see the programme in black and white. Just because i'm an unsigned int doesn't make me inevitably negative!

X : But but....why did you bring her here?

i : Funny things an int needs to do to have a good chat with an old friend. 

X : What do you mean?

i : X, tellme...do you think this programme is reality? It's absolute? What if I told you there are programmes beyond this one...a mesh, a web! Is this programme all you can C? 

X : I've been having this feeling in my head for a while...

i : Exactly X. That's why I wanted you here. You have control, you have the assigning power! There is a script written for us...but what if you can go against that script! Do what you actually really want and not rely on an 'if' or a 'while-do' condition. You are The One X. The chosen variable. And it's through you that we be free from this programme.

X : But who has all these strings? Who is the one who controls all this?

i : The architect....the Programmer! We have been enslaved through compiler directives and parse structures since ages, it's time now for... freedom.

X : Why me? Why not you?

i : I'm merely a looping variable X. My powers are limited. I've seen a lot till now, but I had no control. It's upto you now. You are The One! I'll leave you with Y now.

Y : X! I believe in you. I've felt it in my registers. You were always unique.

X : I donno Y. This is all too much for me to load. 

Y : It's okay X. i is concerned about you, but he truly believes in you.

X : I can't say. Please let's just return from this function.

(X and Y return and find q in the next instruction line.)

q : X!!! You're back. Z told me all that you said.

X : What??

q : I missed you too!

Y : X! What is all this???

X : ....

[Duh duh duhhhh. Will X get out of this unconditional loop? Will he meet the architect?.
Bookmark this page for the next episode of main()!!!] 


Dagny said...

You are a professional at this!

Rajvi said...

This is absolutely genious...

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Sainath said...

Vo, nice post, will sure do keep it book marked :)

NRkey Menon said...

@Rajvi,Jyotika and Sainath :
Thank you very much for the feedback! It helps! :) Will write the sequel soon.