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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rude Awakening

Criticism. I can't take criticiscm.

The moment it hits me my face frowns or any other mode of expression is put to animation. I'm not the total sport who would see every brickbat/mockery thrown at me and mould it into constructive criticism and be merry and live hapilly ever after. It sticks to me like glue for a while and refuses to budge. And then I have that 'I dont give a fuck!' phase in order to cover up for the frowning face.

So basically I'm still a 6 year old when it comes to taking criticism. Now the part after that comes the sulking. And people who know me well, know what kind of a sulking champ I am. The worst is when you have noone to actually call and let out ur mundane whines to. Technically speaking I do have lotsa people to call, but just didn't feel like. Coz this is part which I wanted. To be independent, and not rely on being consoled or pampered.  Funny thing is I end up talking n texting to the same person at the end of the day now on. And so she calls me up. And I am dependent again.
Dammit Miss Happy G!

Also, I talk bullshit when Im sleepy. But even when I'm not.
Universal Set = Bullshit talk!


Jinal said...

OMG OMG ! i actually have a serious competition