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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A minute of VIsuallyConsciousCOordination(VICCO)

We had our days when we used to witness all those harmless Vicco commercials, pointing and laughing at it without trying to comprehend on the pertinent information it had secretly given us. Overlooking the critical issues it dealt with, we in our movie theaters or in front our idiot boxes felt it was best to ignore the harsh and bitter truth that was spread out on the table!

With the power of current technology termed "youtube" I stumbled onto a video footage that made me realize, made me aware...and more importantly made me write this post!

The footage going by the loosely abstracted term 'commercial' has the power to shake the foundations of our current society. Till now only the elite of the nation understood this, but now its TIME!
Ok, maybe im going too far with this.

Laydees and gentlemans, here it is -

Now did that seem harmless? Seem like those ordinary "commercial" things intended for brainwash?
Alas! My friend...for thy hath not seen beyond the looking glass.

Sample this-

0:01 - The video starts with a glimpse of the world outside. The world of the future! The visuals which might seem familiar. Like the cover of a book...like the covers of every Arthur C Clarke's books!!

Your heart skips a beat!

0:07 - A normal civilian kid casually comes out of the bathroom with a white powdered substance in his hand and in a move that he thought would put Shakespeare to shame, jumps onto a poetic line - "Ahem...Mummy yeh powder kitna mulayam hai, bilkul aapke jaisa!". Now you can sit and excavate all the figures of speech the boy(for simplicity lets call him 'Bunty') has brilliantly put in, but then something ain't right!

Now I'm not a psychoanalyst but when a boy is so fond of a 'white powdered substance' that he uses his own mother as a frame of reference to praise its 'mulayam-ness'...it adds up to only one conclusion. The white powdered substance my friends is...probably cocaine/heroin!

But then you shout "HOGWASH!!" in protest with an argument saying - why would the mother be sitting so idly letting her own child consume this malicious drug?
The answer my friends lies in the government. For this is the dystopian future we are looking at ...where the government allows people to get drugged and high, i.e- its legal! Much like the soma drugs in Aldoux Huxleys Brave New World.

Yes people, there's no point in hiding the truth now.

0:10 - Suddenly a sharp and commanding voice blasts out of nowhere and the mother and bunty face the wall adorned with the speaker and a poster highlighting the words 'Big Brother Is watching you!'. For a fraction of a second they are shocked.
Was it Ramu kaka?
It couldnt be.
Otherwise the sentence would have been "Chotte maalik ko aaj kaunsa powder chahiye?".
There was a camera there. Surveillance. The all seeing eye! (Lord Sauron?)


But then they realize its the government. The voice was to be obeyed. And so in a hypnotic grace the mother stands up with the fluidity and hydraulic movements of a manufactured 'mom' robot (its the bloody future!!). The duo stare blankly at the wall with rapt attention, creeping the audience out at the same time as they obey their masters teachings!!

Longer attention spans due to the drugs

0:33 to 0:43 - The teachings are then projected visually as they are shown how utter garbage separated out to look like neatly arranged useful stuff called 'jadibootiya'(probably an anagram for the name of a narcotic drug) is packaged into yellow boxes and white tubes hovering in mid air with an innocuous label of 'VICCO' on it. So as you can see that is how recycling is gonna be in the future. Pretty much similar to a concept shown in the movie inspired from this "commercial" - Soylent Green.

Procedure : Magic

Also note the double usage of 'V' (i.e- Vicco Vajradanti) here and the red V as its symbol. This later on inspired Alan Moore to write 'V for Vendetta', followed by the movie staying true to the Vicco tradition.

0:47 - The time had come for the real drug. Vicco. And so Bunty with his mothers help gets his first shot and is transformed from the Shakespearean pajama wearing toddler to a drugged Shakespearean pajama wearing toddler. And you are shown how Bunty's hollow lifeless eyes reflect the infinite blankness inside and with a ghastly contented smile which could even make Dracula piss in his pants reflect on the to be disturbing future.

Although if Bunty doesn't have his intake regulated, 20 years later the only place where he would feel at home might be the state asylum.

0:55 - The footage gallops towards the climax with an undefined grace when all of a sudden the viewer is shown the face of the puppeteer, the architect - 'MUNNI'!

The architect

Well, talk about Character Development!!!
All this time she was there with them.
She was a witness. But such subtelty had she improvised till now only to come in as a cameo appearance to fool the regular audience...some who did not even notice her as their persistence of vision was no match for Munni's 'arrival and departure' scene frame rate!

Now we as the popcorn munching audience would have appreciated if Munni came out with a jaw breaking line... some thing like,
"Bunty, your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. Which has led you, inexorably, here."

But no, thats not Munni. She's the REAL architect. Its her own subtlety that makes here who she is.

And so the moment comes when the video bar slider touches the 1:00 minute mark and the viewer trembling with fear has bouts of realization.

The truth is out there!

Its ok, you can breathe now.


daksh said...

i am never use that powder again...
i always thot i loved brushing with it..
sorta addictive..
now i know why...
i think u are the rightful owner of
the noble peace prize this year
u have saved our future generations from the onslaught of the misleading commercials..
its great to know we have a right brainy person to give us the correct interpretation of the unknown..
and rise above all odds to become our saviour < i think this part was not needed :P >

Dagny said...

You lovable nutcase!