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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A stolen thought

Things keep happening around in life. I never chose to participate in any event around me till now. Always waited for opportunity to come and knock at my door. Since that never happened I have not ventured out fresh into this world of goin and giving my own best shots. May it be music,drama,technical events...whatever. Participation! A very fresh discovery for me.

Somehow , in a few ways I do regret it that I've been so dormant all through. I never was sure enough if I would have been good enough. And that "What If I lost?" always hovered in my head. Once or twice I might have taken part. Lost...eventually suppressing me more. Now, interestingly that all has faded away to a large extent, though not completely. But I'm satisfied.

Now one real important thing I've learned till now is that we always have this sharpening to perfection attitude in us in which before we undertake a given task we lay our focus totally on the preparations and be real sure about everything to the extent of validating double checks on each and every attribute required. And when finally comes the stage for the execution of that task, turns out everything or nearly everything goes wrong and haywire. I'm not against planning things. Its the attitude that we have do keep a check on ourselves to be sure of what we're doing rather than goin ahead and doing it.

And then there are times when a task is taken up and all you do is gun it, carry it forward making no conscious checks or having pangs of self doubts of authenticated perfection. As Nike said, 'Just do it'. Thats when things work out. Thats when things start flowing and the true work comes out. So its to come out of that state of over consciousness and go ahead with a target. This is something very similar to what Chris Adler(Drummer of Lamb of god, an Idol to me) said on the Killadelphia DVD.

So thats the message.
Once you feel something strong(may be any magnitude), don't just sit and plan it.
Just do it!

(Hope I dont get sued by Nike for this!)


ira said...

No you wont get sued for it and well you said it, When you feel strongly for something or get an inexplicable urge for doing something. Just do it!
That is what life is about. making the most of it..
Working on whims..
Best of Luck!

Merc said...

now u see y we never jammed ;).. nyways the "just do it" attitude is fair enough when nothing is at stake but when the stakes are high DONOT HASTEN THINGS!!

Dagny said...

:) Very expressive.

Merc showing signs of sensibility. Do i see Noah's Ark being bailed out?:D

Jagriti said...

i can quite relate with this one...u have to take the plunge ~ either u will fall (after which nothing would matter) or u will fly and make every effort worth...!