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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Asylum of the Dead

Was just browsing through some o the crappy notepad files I write down. Lotsa them lie around which don't make it to the blogpage. This was one of them.
Read it...and I was thinking...'Bloody hell what was I thinking when I wrote this!'.

At a point its funny/disturbing. But I guess this was at the phase when I was totally sozzled in death metal. Fun times. :)
And please if you're gonna temme stop listening to death metal when you're done reading this. Dont!

Feed on decay
the skull that bleeds to death
the core of dismay
Realigned in hell.

The flesh of thy blood
the powerless hungry saint
Corrupt from the wounds
by traitors of the sane!

The untimely urge
of yielding the bloody sword
the dark face surrounds
the unholy Satan god.

The mind just seems to
surrender to deformity
the unformed caprice
of the vile heretic priest.

The thoughts so obtuse
that feeling numb it seems
the giving thats taken
for the millions forsaken.

The heart of this soul
the life that weeps instead
of healing the broken
the broken, the dead!

Welcome to the asylum.


Dagny said...

People sleep at night, u know